Art & Music (Spring 2022) - Module 2

Here's a link to the second module, Exploring Color: Creating Art in the Style of Rothko:

Work out a design that appeals to you by initially placing blocks by hand (as demonstrated in the video for this module). Then automate the process with a script.

This project is a Rothko inspired piece. I really like the warm colors they used in the specific piece so I wanted to stick with that, but I also wanted to add something that kind of stood out in the eye of the observer, so I add two blocks the shade of blue. I also didn't want to stray too far from Rothko's work, and it seemed like a lot of the works had a minimal color palette. I read that a goal of Rothko's was to capture basis human emotion, so when I see the original piece that inspired me, I think of an abundant amount of happiness that ranges in intensity. By adding in the dark blue line and light blue blocks, I create a disruption in the happiness. The dark blue is a representation of sadness, and if looking at the painting from top to bottom, its continuity for left to right shows it's always there even if not always immediately acknowledged. The lighter blue blocks have different heights and aren't connected which can be thought of as moments that interrupt the happiness, but don't necessarily stop it.

I like this one! The zipper-like blue pattern makes me think of the opening to Monsters Inc, with all the doors. I think the color choice is very pleasing too, they're nice soft candy colors with one bit of dark blue in there that pops out.

This project is a Rothko inspired piece, but it also has some inspiration from the pattern on broken TVs and the Love, Death, and Robots episode "Zima Blue". I didn't want to do something that was exactly like Rothko, but I wanted to maintain the blocky rectangular shapes, so I created a process that would automate a rainbow-colored background that resembled a glitched screen. I think it's very aesthetically soothing to watch, like one of those old Windows screensavers.

For my project, I drew from two inspirations. One was the work of Mark Rothko, specifically his color fields. The other was a piece by Max Ernst titled "Red Forest". My goal was to roughly recreate Ernst's image of a cactus against a red backdrop but in the style of Mark Rothko. The red sky is meant to represent the scorching desert heat, while the light brown the sand. For the cacti I used two shades of green to indicate the shadow cast by the sun. And for the sun I decided to use four offset yellow blocks, continuing the theme of asymmetry that I started by varying the heights of the cacti.

I thought this was a cool piece. I can definitely see the resemblance to a broken TV. I remember my family used to have one of those dinosaur TV's with the large back part. Somehow a magnet got placed near the screen one time and it looked similar to your work, although less bright. Good stuff.

I was really impressed when I saw your piece. I think you perfectly captured what Rothko would have drawn if he was inspired by a broken TV. The randomness aspect in your piece allows the user to generate a new art piece each time the code is run, which I found very neat!

In light of the dreary weather we have been having, my piece is titled "Sad in the Rain". I wanted to keep the uniformity seen in Rothko's pieces, so I first created a background, then a sort of "main body" that would mimic Rothko's style. The color palette I used for the main body was an attempt to show some contrast, but not too strong of a contrast. I chose a deep blue color for the first, larger bar, a lighter blue bar to divide the piece, then a very dark blue to contrast with the first bar. I then added my own details to the piece because I didn't want it to look exactly like something Rothko would draw. The details I added are suppose to mimic a river of tears and rain falling over someone's head, as well as discoloration as if someone were rubbing tears out of their eyes. I made these details as minimal as possible so I could maintain Rothko's style in my piece.

I really enjoyed the simplicity of this piece. The harsher colors of the sky and sand help contrast with the life of the cactus, as it shows no hindrance in its condition.
I drew a lighthouse in the sea during sunset. From the sky to the sea to the lighthouse, everything is stacked upon each other like blocks. I really wanted the colors of the natural elements to blend well with one another while having the lighthouse, being manmade, have flaws with misshaped and colors sharper to the eye.

I really like this one. The lighthouse stands out super well and adds some contrast to the background. I really like what you did with the custom blocks as well.

I wanted to do something a little different for my Rothco piece, so I decided to randomize the colors of each block. It took a little work, but I was able to take the same costume and stamp it multiple times while changing the color values of it. The color values are randomized for the bar, so each time the green flag is hit a totally new piece of art is generated.

Great work and visually pleasing! I really like the sense of motion you get with the zipper-like teal blocks. Intentional or not, it piques the interest of the viewer in a curious way. I thought it was simulating sound waves at first!

"Rothko's Sticky Notes"
As implied by the title, this piece is inspired by the works of Mark Rothko and sticky notes. My goal was to recreate the image I had of sticky notes when I was younger with Rothko-like elements. Sticky notes are used when you want to be reminded of what you need to do. I wanted to convey the urgency I felt as multiple deadlines were approaching fast by stacking the sticky notes on top of one another--conveying the idea that something more important has come up but I still had a lot of work to do. This is done by randomly selecting out of 5 sticky notes and placing it randomly on the board--much like I did in the past.

I really like this piece because of how unique it is due to randomization element. I enjoyed pressing the green flag over and over to see how different/similar the next one would be.

For this project, I wanted to do something that emulates the classic template that Rothko used which consists of multiple solid blocks of color stacked vertically on top of each other. I wanted to do something more technically challenging, so I made two of the main blocks have a blurry effect by using the ghost effect around the edges. I also made a background for the piece that consists of many interlocking yellow and orange blocks.

I really love the way that your piece has a lattice like effect. It creates a lot of depth and is interesting to look at!

I created a Rothko inspired piece using hues of the colors orange, red, and blue. I really like the depth in the piece and I like the way that the black creates contrast.

This project is my Rothko inspired piece. I struggled to think of a seriously creative design so i stuck with the more basic format that I noticed from Rothko. Personally, I wish I could have done something with a more rounded off edges on my blocks but the strict rectangles was all I could figure out. Although there is a lot that I wanted to do, I am quite happy being able to do what I finished with.

I really liked this piece as lately I've been listening to an album called Ringo's desert and this reminded me of what I'd imagine the music to look like. Good work!