Art & Music: Rhythm (Spring 2024)

The first module in the music sequence introduces rhythm:
I finished the music part, and it is actually sampling from a song. For the animation part, I haven't got any ideas yet. I will work on this part later this week.

For the animation part, I referenced the content in Monday's class to visualize the drums' beats and form a rhythm with the music part. Once I finished the visualization, I found it hard to match the drum with the music, so I modified the degree to the line turning each time to adjust its speed.

Snap! 7 rhythm (


For some reason, Fall Out Boy's "Sugar, We're Goin Down" has been stuck in my head, so I decided to try taking the drums from the intro and playing them with my motif, and I liked how it sounded. For the last bit of the motif, I just played around with what sounded good, and found that just extending the lists used for drum tracks and turning off the repeat gives me finer-grained control over the tracks.

Something I'm struggling with though is trying to get the rests to work right, as the next track always comes in a bit too early or a bit too late, for some reason. I was able to get the second part of the motif playing immediately after the first fininshed with a combination of a whole, a half, and an eighth note, but I'm confused about why that worked. It also only worked for getting the second part to play immediately after the first, and not getting the third to play after the second.


For some reason, Fall Out Boy's "Sugar, We're Goin Down" has been stuck in my head, so I decided to try taking the drums from the intro and playing them with my motif, and I liked how it sounded. Something I'm struggling with though is trying to get the rests to work right, as the next track always comes in a bit too early or a bit too late, for some reason.

Respectfully, I want to figuratively tear my hair out. I converted Zelda's Lullaby into tracks and then used the Play Tracks block to play them along with a simple drumbeat. I also made a Rest block (Rest within a repeat loop) so that the Flourish with Drum did not accidentally start at the same time, which happened initially during testing.

I'm really struggling with this part. The tracks do not play correctly, and I do not know why. Some of my notes are being converted from what I set them as to different note types (ex: half to an eighth) or skipped altogether. The time is correctly set to 3/4, and I have checked and re-checked the notes to make sure that they are correct (they are). The Accompaniment gets out of time from the Melody, and from there, it continues to fall apart. I tried putting the notes into a track as separate lists for each measure, but this did not fix or improve the problem. I've also tried refreshing the page and initializing Tunescope again. I do not know what's wrong. Any feedback would be much appreciated!

For this project I first created a motif using the "Turkish March" block from my previous project. I then delete half of the piece, jumbled a few of the notes around, and lower them one octave. I played around with the drum tracks and made something I like.

My issue is that my motif isn't playing with the drum tracks, so it's hard to know if the tracks mesh well together. I don't know what I am doing wrong.

For this project, I decided to challenge myself to create my own rhythm instead of using existing pieces that are out there. The music theme I'm aiming for is using eighth and sixteenth notes to create a catchy melody. For the instrument, I used a bass guitar to create a chill and smooth sound. For the percussion section, I decided to experiment with snare drum, bass drum and closed hi-hat to create the beat that will accompany the melody and set a steady base for the music. I would say I would imagine someone sitting by the beach, watching the sunset and playing this beat.

Update: I incorporated the comments. I made the list into one variable to condense the bulky list. Then I made the melody and percussion into one block with a play track since before I made two separate blocks for each. For animation, I added a seagull flying across the beach for my idea.
Previous: I just practiced adding a simple drum beat to my pre-existing motif from the last assignment to make sure I was comfortable with everything but intend of changing the song completely and challenging myself with something more complex as I feel like a drum beat behind my current song doesn't really work. I struggled with when the drums should play because things sounded weird if the drums were played too frequently.

Current: I decided to change the direction of this piece completely by picking a new song, Dirty Work by Steely Dan. I was listening to it the other day and really enjoyed the intro so I decided to base my piece off of this. For my animation I had the cover art of the song multiplying continuously as the song progressed. I consolidated my repetitive code that involved just playing the song, putting that into a function of its own. I attempted to add drums but struggled finding a beat that worked with the song, I know the sound of the drums that should be present in the background but couldn't figure out how to implement them correctly with the tempo of the song.

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

For this project, I imported my motif from the last assignment and I added 3 different drums to it. My song repeats the same part twice, so I added rest beats between the first and second half. I'm not good at music, but I just thought that it would be nice to have a drum solo part in the music.

Updated: I dropped the bpm by 10 because the previous version was too fast compared to the original version. I was going to make it fast and put on some beats so it could be a different genre but, since it didn't work as I wanted it to, I decided to stick with a slower tempo. Because I used broadcast for my previous assignment, I divided the first and second half and put them into corresponding turtles.

For the circus motif, I wasn't entirely sure how I wanted the drum to work. I realized that there was a Crash Cymbol instrument and thought that was fitting because cymbols are used quite a bit at circuses. I basically played around with Tunescope until I got something that sounded decent. I am hoping to get something that is better synchronized as I learn how this library works and think about what rhythms and time signature to use (Maybe using a MIDI file to do so).
For this assignment, I wanted to try adding a melody using a MIDI file. I also wanted to change the drum beat more. I started by using the play Tracks and playing the melody and the drum patterns at the same time, but was not able to sync the animation with the drum patterns. So, for now I have the drum patterns playing notes separated by wait blocks. For next time I plan to fix this issue with the animation.

For this project, I am still in the beginning stage and I confused how to utilized the melody of drum.

I imported my project from last week. I just added some drum backgrounds. Will look to see if I can add in another sprite.

I added a drum beat to the project, however, I seem to have some trouble with a lag toward the end of the song. I plan to add circles in blue to match the drum beats.

I think this is really cool! If you wanted to make it a little more organized you could put the list of notes in the melody in its own block so it's not as bulky.

After going over the ~100bpm bug in class, I was able to get the tracks to play as intended by setting my tempo to 120. My notes are also organized into measures. Given our focus on percussion, I opted to change the piano and harp to just the marimba. I also added a snare drum and mid tom (in addition to the preexisting high toms) to the Play Melody and Accompaniment with Drum block and the Play Flourish with Drum block, respectively. I am much happier with this now!

I thought you incorporated the drumbeat very well. One thing you could try is changing the instrument for the main motif, which could help if you weird about incorporating drums (it helped me a lot!).

I think your animation perfectly matches this assignment. If the speed and beat were not monotonous and were more diverse, it would have been reminiscent of people playing drums to music. I think it could've made the feeling of playing the drum app on my phone. But other than that, it's such a great art and music.

I like the piano you have there as background. You might want to hide the sprite if you end up not using it. I noticed that your drum runs longer than your piano piece, maybe adjust that a bit? Otherwise it looks great!

Updates: I update the project by importing the anime I created for the last project. I changed the notes of melody completely since I am looking for music that fits better. Also, I choose guitar(acoustics) as the main instrument because I love the sound effect of it. Besides, I utilized the Track block so that I can make drum beats and melody synchronized.

I think you can incorporate the drumbeat and melody in the one "Play Tracks" block. That way you can make your code more concise.