Art & Music: Rhythm (Spring 2024)

This is excellent! I love the call back to Ocarina of Time! The beginning is a little choppy, but it has improved a bit since last class. I also love the art that you have drawn. It really captures the soft lullaby being played

I love your melody with the saxophone! For the music notes list, you "make a variable" and then "set the variable" to the list of music notes, which would be more condensed and neat.

For this project I wanted to focus mainly on the music aspect, so I created base chords along with two different melody lines. I made use of the chord builder that allows for different inversions and octaves, which was very useful. To create then melody line, I sang along to the base chords and wrote down what sounded good. After creating the music, I added a more calming scene, which represents the feeling I want to invoke with the music.

I really like this melody and the use of different instruments and timbres. Perhaps you could repeat your melody just to make it a little longer!

I love that you created your own rhythm! The sound is so unique and I think you did a good job keeping the code very concise, making sure not to go over the 7 lines.

[Snap! Build Your Own Blocks](Music Animation 2)
After struggling with the Play Notes block, I decided to simply make my own, which is how the current iteration came to be. It ensures that the drum pattern plays for every note and is always aligned, which is nice. If I wanted to change it in the future, I would use a separate thread

A very strange thing happened when I opened your project. I got an error, in the Snap font, that said "note.split is not a function". Your project played as normal, but I just wanted to let you know that there's likely some work-in-progress javascript function or uncaught error that's going through to TuneScope

Snap! week 7! (