Art & Music: Module 8 (Fall 2023)

Here's a link to Module 8 (Musical Note and Scales):

This module involves creating a melody from a chord progression.

Module 8

For this module I created my own drum beat, chord progression, bassline, and melody. I also made it so it would repeat forever, but added a "wait" block at the end so that the repeats wouldn't overlap.

I made a new melody with a new chord progression. I also put a baseline. I might change the baseline a little though.

I tweaked my chord progression I made last week to make it more upbeat and lively. I used an inspiration to help me with the chords and making everything on key. I also played with different instruments and drum patterns to create depth. Might be a little bit too much, but I can tweak it over time.

I added a melody to the chord progression, but it was more of just trial and error because I was unsure what notes or types of notes would sound good together.

*I wanted to make a fireworks type drawing. It's a little basic right now, but I want to add different colors and sizes later. I think I should add something more to the visuals to make it more interesting.

I love your chord progression! The way you layered the different instruments sounds so cool. I think there might be a slight delay in the music, but I think it's probably just because of the program.

I always loved songs in Bb major so I picked that. I used a popular i iv ii v chord progression towards the end too. I wanted to make something that was like the transition track between a game's cutscene and the battle.

I think I may have initially uploaded this at the wrong link. I made this by doing the chords first, then playing around with the notes within the chords to make the melody (pretty randomly and aimlessly).

I really like this, the melody is very easy to listen to and feels like it fits in with the chord notes. I also really like the drum beat style you used for this.

This sounds awesome, like a gaming club.

Tried to make a new melody over the chord progression I made last week. I made a personal goal of using at least one rest and dotted note of some kind. ALSO added the bass I was thinking of last time too on the root note of each chord.

This is really cool! There's some pretty low tones in there that start to drown out some of the pitch which might be an issue related to something as simple as the instrument assigned to it. Overall though you have a good ear to build off of for this stuff!

This is an animation I added to the Indiana Jones theme I created for last week's assignment. It is pretty simple, but the hardest part for me was the part at the end where I had his hat come off and fall to the ground. I wasn't really sure the best way to animate that.

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks , just tested somethings out made it simple and easy

Nice job! I really like the animation, it looks really interesting. I think the song could be a little more thought-out, certain notes really stick out in a way that I'm not sure is intentional. Other than that, I feel like the animation goes really well with the music.

I really like your overall project! I think the animation goes very well with your music.

I really love this melody! Sounds jazzy with the inclusion of the trumpets and I think they're a very nice touch. Everything seems to line up as well. Great job!

I created a splash-paint effect to go along with my song. My song is very upbeat and happy, and the first thing to come to mind that matched this vibe was a continuous paint splatter - I'm not really sure why, but I think it works!