Art & Music: Module 8 (Fall 2023)

Love the color palette! Cool art too! I think the music and final product of your animation are going to be great together.

Love the jazzy vibes! Very relaxing and the instruments you used were perfect. Only suggestions I have to offer is to have a bit more of a satisfying end as this track is too good to end that soon.

For this module I made some edits to my original "Congratulations" spin-off. Some of the triplet notes are still messing with my measures and throwing off the beat, but I am happy with the overall vibe. I do think some of the measures (particularly measure 4/5 in my melody) are repeating and I am going to work on it still.

*Haven't finished syncing my animation up yet completely but it does help to initialize tunescope on the first run and then restart the project (or the display becomes very off).

I created a simple melody using notes in the C major chords and experimented with different timings to make it a little more interesting. The trumpet makes it a little more upbeat, and it resembles a refreshing jingle.

for my update, I made the animation a woman walking to work with the sunrise behind her. I thought it fit with the music and the uplifting motif.

I really like the deep chords in the back as I think works will with the paint effect. It feels very playful and fun, and I think I agree the paint plays into that as well

I created a new chord pattern with a new melody. I shifted between C chords and G chords and then did a repetitive melody for the first half of the song with a different melody for the second half. For my animation i did planes flying across london, because I love the city and thought the the music felt exciting as if you were going to London.

I really love your project because you utilized three still images of a woman and made it look as though she was walking. I thought this was a very creative use of snap. I also think your music fit well with the image. Maybe if you add more images of the woman in between the current stills you have, it would look even more realistic. Great job!