Art & Music: Module 7 (Fall 2023)

Module 7 (Musical Chords) is available here:

From last submission to this submission, the melody is now straightened out and I also added in a simple chord progression.

This is still a work in progress - I can't figure out how to make the entire song run and it also doesn't line up correctly even though I spent a lot of time trying to make it line up. It takes forever to run too.
I played around with some of the original chords I was thinking about, but I might change them or add another chord at the end.
I can't figure out how to get rid of the pauses between the measures, it works fine when I don't have the drums added in but once I add in the drums it adds the pauses.

I liked how you created dissonance through using minor chords, it does seem somewhat unfinished at the end though, I think adding another chord at the end like you mentioned would be a good idea!

Still a work in progress, trying to play with sounds and just create what sounds nice to me. Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Just working on playing with the rhythms a bit to have a nice backing during the more empty parts of the melody. Work in progress!

Gorgeous!! I love your use of instruments so much, it sounds like it could play in a movie. The variety in drums makes it sound complete. No suggestions here but I am curious about the non-standard tempo!

I really like your drum pattern! It adds a lot of depth to a simple melody. The chords are also really nice and go along great with the rest of your tune. I don't know if you meant to do this or not, but I like how the drum pattern fades out at the end - some things in the pattern drop out while others continue, and I think it sounds really cool! Good job!

Module 7

I added chords and a bassline, and I also extended the song to include the entire loop. I want to find a way to loop the entire "play tracks" without it repeating over itself.

I really like the motif you created! It almost sounds like a character's theme on a sitcom or something. Great job!

This is my updated link with a new chord track

I was struggling with the chords to add to this song. I think that the measures and length and amount of notes was confusing me at first, so I only added a few chords. I think this assignment helped me a little more with understanding how the music worked together though.

I love melody and your choice of instruments. It sounds pretty relaxing and almost like something you'd hear in a video game!

Nice job coming up with your own melody and chord progression! I really like the tone of each of your instruments as well, you picked really nice-sounding ones. I think the chord progression is going out of time for me though, one easy way to fix that is just putting the chord progression in your original play tracks block instead of having two. Still works pretty well though, great job!

I added two main chords to the motif to underscore the main melody, and I used my own sheet music to write the chords as well. I switched the key from C major to D major as well. I had trouble getting my second measure to hold for some reason since a couple notes kept replaying and I wasn't sure why. My drum tracks I think were fine as well, so it's something to tinker with later on.

I really like the instruments you used, it gives a nice mellow tone to the piece! Once the chords align with the notes more and certain rests get fixed, I think this would be a really cool original work.

Oops, I accidentally put this in last week's module.

My project uses a jazzy style chord progression I found playing on piano. A lot of the heavy lifting on the mids and lows come from the piano which I could refine for a followup to this project, maybe delegating those chords to a cello track or a low electric guitar. I was going to go for a more complex drum beat and time signature, but I found that these chords work nicely with something simple. I think I was able to make up for it with an interesting melodic pattern that scales down with the chords.