Art & Music: Module 7 (Fall 2023)

updated with chord progression

I really like it, such a legendary beat.You made an iconic beat even better!

I updated my chord progression to add a "left hand" part of the song. However, I'm struggling a bit to implement the correct rhythm because I feel like some of the triplet notes are throwing off my beat. I've adjusted some of the triplets but I think I need to play with it more.

Interesting mix, it definitely sounds a bit different than normal!

updated chords and drum track

I added chords to my melody with the drums. The original song did not use these exact chords, but I thought that it gave the song an interesting touch and made it more lively. The original chords are pretty basic and repetitive so I wanted to see how the song would change based on changing the chords, and I liked it!

This concept of adding a left hand is actually really cool and creative. I love how it makes the song sounds so much more full because there are more notes in the chords. I do agree that the beat is not perfect, but I think it's super close to sounding awesome. Love the chords again!