Art & Music: Module 5 (Fall 2023)

This module provides an opportunity to combine animated art with music:

I decided to make a replication of the Indiana Jones theme because I think it is catchy and iconic. My biggest difficulty was figuring out the timing and delay between the notes, and I ended up splitting it into two halves so that I could use the "wait" command.
I tried to make a melody with some jazz tones, so I put some chords in there. I tried to use the chord blocks, but I couldn't get exactly what I wanted since I wanted to put more than 3 notes in a chord. I ended up just putting the notes I wanted in a list and playing the chords that way.

For my motif, I wanted to recreate a loop that I love to play on the piano. It's the introduction to the song 'Somebody Else' by the 1975 with the addition of a little spice. I used the lists we learned in class to create the main melody, and also used the lists to build the riffs in between the main melody. At first, I had all of the chords of the main melody together, but when I realized that the riffs needed to go in between, I created two separate blocks to hold the first and second half of the main melody so that I could insert the riffs easier. Something I found difficulty with for this project was getting the timing of the notes exactly how I wanted them. On the piano, its easy to play at whatever timing you like, but with the code, there's not much flexibility. Something I want to do over the next week is figure out how to make the real 'Play Motif' block as shown in the video, for I couldn't really figure out how to do this after I had made all my blocks.

For my project, I decided to use the song Vampire by Olivia Rodrigo because I remember listening to the beginning piano chords of this song and wanting to hear an orchestral version of it. I couldn't figure out how to use the list at first, but I was able to get it down, however I wonder if it would be more efficient to do a different block for some of the note transitions in my code to make it seem more concise and seamless.
I wanted to make a "We Will Rock You" motif because I heard it recently, and it seems like a song that most people would know.

I had some difficulty with figuring out which notes I wanted and their timing along with the movement of the sprites. I was able to find the letter notes of "We Will Rock You" online, so those notes were fine, but I wasn't sure how to form the other motifs. I was also wondering if there was a better way to coordinate notes with the movement, but I think that the current solution works for now.

For my project, I wanted to use the Avatar the Last Airbender theme song. I found some old sheet music I had for a version of the song and created chords for the first four measures, and then the singular notes for the rest. At first, I created lists for the chords and used the "play chord" block to go through them, but then I realized once I made the play motif block, I could put all the values, both chords and singular notes, into one list (with their duration at the end of each list) and create if statements to get the right amount of notes from each item in the motif.

For my animation, I used characters from the show and put different themes from the score to each of them flying across the sky. The music tended to be more airy and grand, so I thought using characters that could fly/move across the screen worked best with that.

I made an animation with Minecraft graphics! The way the mobs move is something charming and I think a good challenge to replicate so I did that. There are sound effects with various actions. There is movement variation with the ocelot and color with the chicken. The music is a nice upbeat tune with some square graphics to complement the theme.

Sounds beautiful! The violins are a very awesome touch, love the elegant air of it. The animation is also very charming and cute, the way it's put together is so nice.

I haven't quite made my animation yet, but I wanted to make something to animate Mac Miller's "Congratulations". I just really like the chords and melodies in this song, and I've built in a bit of an infinite loop right now that I am liking. I am hoping to integrate the lower, background chords in with the upper melody soon too.

Module 5

For my project, I made the Lost Woods theme from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I haven't actually played the game but the theme is fun, and now I'm inspired to create an elf animation to go with the song. I might add the chords later on.
Dinosaurs, something funny? Not sure exactly how I'd incorporate motifs yet

I wanted to create the music from my favorite song called Purple Candy. This song reminds me of space and just the feeling of floating so my idea is to have an astronaut interacting with the stars/planets.

This is so cool and well animated, I love the theme and I think you made it work really well. It would definitely sound cool with some chords as well, but as is, your project is already really cool. Nice job

ok so?

I really like your project, and I agree the music is upbeat and fun to hear! I also really like the way you have different chords and plain notes for different movements because it made the project more interesting. A small note I have is to maybe unclick the variables once you're fully done editing, so they aren't visible anymore to viewers.

I really like your project! I like how you told a story and I love the spooky theme especially now that it's October. Great project!

I really liked how you animated Gudetama's arms in two different "scenes". I also enjoyed how your sound effects/music matched what was going on in the pictures.

I love Mac Miller! Looks pretty neat and sounds nice.

I like all the sound effects! I think this is the start of a really cool project, as I see a story being told -- I think there could be a couple more music moments, maybe one for each dinosaur at the start. I'm also slightly confused because the dinosaurs are still there after the meteor hits -- I can't tell if it's on purpose so maybe add some more after that!