Art & Music: Module 11 (Fall 2023)

This came out really great, I love the costumes that you used as well as the sword animation used on the main character. It was genuinely fun for me to play, and the background music and menu screen also go a long way for making it seem like a polished product.

I updated my game to have a personal high score, made some audio improvements, and made the game start at a set difficulty and get harder every 10 seconds. The game is balanced much better now and should be more fun overall!

Your game is super cool! I love the graphics you used, and everything comes together in such a polished way! It's very apparent that your game is very well thought out, and you seem to have fixed the bad guys' rotating costumes as well. Great job, and I can't wait to see anything else you do with it!

That seems super cool! I love the game idea. I used to play Stick Hero as well, and I can't wait to see how you implement it in Snap! I feel like you could definitely use the pen to increase the stick length, but I'm excited to see how you measure/compare that length to the gaps.