Art & Music: Module 11 (Fall 2023)

I LOVE the graphics and the smooth gameplay! It's really hard to master right now but I find that really addicting. The movements of the fish is super cuteeee

I haven't gotten the details done yet, such as the scoring, game ending, sound, etc., but the basic idea of my game has been created. I decided to stick with my original idea of a spider-man themed flappy bird game. I think it looks really good so far! I can't wait to finish it! I'm also planning on adding sprite costume switches when a jump happens.

I really like this game idea! I think the randomness of the sweets and vegetables falling is really well done. I also love the game-over background. It's pretty challenging as well!

This game is very similar to what I was doing!

I forgot to post my game earlier, but I have gotten the rough draft of left and right movement down, but I can't figure out how I want my sprite to "jump" onto new platforms yet.

Right now my game ends when a bomb touches the sprite of the parachute, but I also want it to end if the bomb goes off screen after falling. I am having trouble with that though.

Here is my updated game! I am still running into a few issues with the platforms, but the game is mostly functional now. I added platforms, an end point, and an obstacle that would result in a game loss. I also added the jump capability (and what to do if the sprite collided with a platform). I would also like to add tokens and a point system in, but I want to work out some of the platform and jump bugs first.

This is my game (so far). I've been trying to get a timer that stops right when the player dies and shows on the game over screen, no dice so far.


I got most of the functionality working, and I made some sprite costumes for my link character and his sword. I'll do the same for the bad guys and background soon.

Since my first submission, I added scoring, a timer, instructions, and worked on the menu and game end screen. I'm happy with it overall, but the gameplay itself is definitely pretty simple, and its pretty easy to avoid the bad objects in the game.

Really cool project. I like how you coded the randomness of the asteroids, and I also like the sound effect you implemented on game over. Fun game to play as well

I think your game is super fun. I love the pace and the inclusion of directions at the beginning. It makes everything super smooth for the player.

I really like the concept of your game and the movements of the toy soldiers. I think you could improve on this by adding an instruction screen because I didn't know you were supposed to press the space bar to start the bombs. Additionally, I think it would be cool if you could add either extra animation or sound for whenever the bomb touches the soldiers/hits the ground.

This is the final version of my Spiderman version of flappy bird. Last week, my only updates were that I had the buildings and wrecking balls flowing smoothly, and I had figured out how to make my Spiderman switch costumes nicely when jumping. Since then, I was able to add a scoring feature, a start and end screen, and a way to lose the game. I also switched around a lot of blocks and added separate sections in order to make it easier to edit certain aspects. I ran into many errors during this process, but I was able to solve them and I think the outcome was close to what I was going for!

I think this game is very cool! I really like how you are able to use your own mouse to select the start button. I also think it was very helpful to include instructions and gave it a nice touch. If you choose to spend more time on this game, I think it would be cool to incorporate a 'disappearing' factor on whatever Mort touches. If Mort touches money and the money disappears (also with the broccoli), I think it would add some dimension. Overall, great job!

I really like your game and the design! I thought it was a nice detail to add Spiderman laying down like that in the beginning before he jumps up. The only small thing I noticed was that there was no instruction to use the spacebar to jump, though it was pretty easy to figure out.

The movement is so smooth!! Amazing work, I totally need to reference the method you used in the future.

Really nice intro screen and functionality! I'm impressed with how good you made it all look, as well as how well it all fits together. I do agree the game is pretty simple, but it works well!

Link Game

I added costumes for all the bad guys and made some different screens and buttons, and I added lives. Unfortunately all the bad guys' costumes get rotated in weird directions because I change their direction to look at Link. Is there a way to have the sprite rotate but keep the costume stable?

I really like this game idea. I like how there is a time aspect - I think it will give the game that competitive feel. Maybe once you have done the first final draft of your game, you can incorporate different levels that have less time, but the speed of the objects increase to make it more difficult!