Art & Music: Module 11 (Fall 2023)

This week, we are exploring game design in Snap!.

I want to make a timed game where there are objects that fly around on the screen. Touching certain objects with your character gives you points, while other ones take away points. I think this will be relatively easy for me to code, I just need to figure out how the timing system and scorekeeping can be coded in Snap!.

I'm thinking of making a game with characters falling along with other objects. The player would click the objects while avoiding the falling characters. I might have trouble with making the game stop to communicate a player losing, but I won't have an end goal for a "win". The game will just continue until a player loses.

This is a game where a water droplet in the condensation stage is trying to avoid precipitation through merging with other clouds. There is clouds cloning and a health bar! Over time the raindrop gets bigger as they do so it gets harder to avoid the clouds. There are menus and dialogue in response to events!

I think I want to create my own version of "Flappy Bird". I was obsessed with that game as a kid and I think it would be really cool to recreate it in my own way. I want it to maybe be superhero themed, like spiderman swinging and having to avoid skyscrapers and cranes hanging down from the sky. I'm still brainstorming, but I think it would turn out really cool.

My idea is based on an iPhone game I used to play when I was younger called Stick Hero. A character is on a platform and has to get to another platform of a certain width and distance away by creating a bridge (i.e stick). This is created by the user holding down a button for however long they want to increase the length of the stick first vertically, and then the stick pivots down horizontally to see if it matches the length of the platform. If the stick is too long, then the character will walk off the edge and fall, and if it's too short, the user won't make it. If the user does make it, the screen scrolls and another platform of a different width and distance from the current platform is shown, and the user plays again.

I want to make my own version of "Fireboy and Watergirl." It was a game I really really loved, and I have played pretty much every version of it. I want to keep the game concept pretty similar to the original, but play around with making new obstacles, and different puzzles. I think I may need some help creating the "barriers" and general "room map" for each level, but I am excited about it!

There are several versions of Flappy Bird already on Snap that you could use for reference. One particularly good version is linked below:

There are a number of maze games in Snap that you can reference. A good place to start might be the one linked below.

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks , wanted to make a game where the sprite is dodging incoming bullets

I want to make a game where the player controls a car and has to avoid other cars by swerving through traffic.

I want to make a game loosely based off of the original Zelda -- there will be a character in a large forest and different monsters attack the character. The character will have a way to attack in the direction they are facing and be able to move around within the forest, but the actual stage will not move. The game ends once the player either kills all the monsters or is killed.

I was thinking of making a game similar to the dinosaur game that comes up when there's no wifi. The character would keep running, and the player can click different keys to make the character jump to avoid obstacles.

**I made a sort of underwater version. I wasn't sure how to invert the shark to be facing the fish and am still working on the music and how to keep track of the score.

**Update 2 - I fixed the shark, so it's facing the fish. I added a game over sequence, music, changed the jumping and made the game speed up over time.

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (

My plan is to make a spaceship game where you have to dodge asteroids that get progressively faster to get a high score.

This sounds like a lot of fun! You might put strafing in too so you can stay locked facing a certain direction while attacking. And maybe a small puzzle based on moving boulders or something around on the grid?

I used the madagascar character Mort for the character in my game, and the objective (eventually) will be to move the character with the arrow key to get as much money as possible while avoiding the bad objects. I have the basic code down, but the scoring is not functioning the way I want it to yet.

I really like your concept. I think it's really original, and can't wait to see how it turns out!

I love your idea for your game. I really like the aesthetic of your game and I think the raindrop character is super cute. The colors of the game go super well with the vibe of the game too.

I am planning on making a game based on character Vanellope Von Sweet where sweets and vegetables are falling from the sky and you have to avoid the vegetables or else you lose.

Update: I added an start screen for more detailed instructions on how to play and put in basic sounds for when the character touches the sweets/vegetables. I plan on replacing the sounds with actual game sounds.

I really like how you matched your game to the aesthetic of Toy Story. I think I will also probably have the same troubles as you because our game concepts are similar.