Art & Music: Module 1 (Fall 2023)

"Creating Art & Music" is an introductory course designed to introduce creative activities in the context of art and music. Thus far the course has been taught at the middle school, high school, community college, and university level (with appropriate adaptations for each level). Each week this fall, students in the course are posting their projects in this strand of the Snap! forum. Here's a link to the course materials:

Art, Animations & Music

This week's module is titled "Creating Artistic Patterns through Computer Graphics":

Anyone in the Snap! community is also welcome to post their projects as well. Comments, feedback, and suggestions are also welcome.

I wanted to create an underwater scene because I thought the lines of seaweed would be fun to make. After the seaweed, I added in some fish and used the fill function so that the fish were clearly visible with the blue background. As a whole, I randomized the position of the fish and seaweed.

I aimed create a gradient by use several different looped repetitions of the same shape. The fade of the color from light blue to dark blue, combined with the pattern that is created when the shapes are overlayed on each other created an effect that I really liked. I messed around a lot with the timing, size, and color of the shapes, but ultimately settled on the effect I have now.

I wanted to create something similar to a kaleidoscope using squares and triangles. I used the pen hue to create the rainbow effect and looped repetitions of the square and triangle to create the patterns.

I was having fun with circular motion. My art is pretty simple right now so I'll probably make some changes, but I'm a big fan of symmetry so I went with that, It took me a bit to get the hang of some of the features so this is probably just the start.

I wanted to create space and some unique features within space. I found it very difficult to get everything to line up correctly in terms of planets, but I am hoping that I can make things look a little bit better throughout the week. I learned how to utilize the random block of code in order to create the bright stars scattered through the sky. I also utilized a pen at a large thickness in order to create the black space background. For the Saturn like planet, I repeated circles with a little space in between and then had to find the exact turning point and coordinates in order to create the ring around it. This was definitely the most difficult part of the process.

I was inspired by old games like Tron, so I was fiddling around with sprites running around and accidentally made them move in a grid. I kept running with this idea adding in randomized color schemes and hues and got an art piece I am satisfied with.

I'm still exploring, I just plan to make a lot of shapes with different colors as of right now

I wanted to create a repetitive pattern with some emphasis on changing aspects of color. So far, I've only made the start of what I'd like to do, but I want to eventually make something swirly by twirling the whole piece around.

Module 1

I wanted to create an effect of the pen bouncing off the walls and creating a different picture each time you play the program. I added another sprite to create symmetry in every design, which helps make it feel less random – although each time you press play you still get a different design. I ended up not adding sound each time the sprites hit the wall because it was very annoying to listen to. One bug I noticed is that if you press play before hitting stop or pause, the sprites will move faster – which can actually create some cool effects if you speed it up fast enough.

I want to make an ocean-inspired animation that resembles the movement of a snake, sort of like the animations made for children. I would like a nice gradient of colors and some particle effects to keep it visually engaging. I'd like to make use of the hue shifts and maybe even transparency for the effects. Also lots of circles will be involved for the bubbles!

First I used geometry to form the shape that will create the jellyfish's head by creating curves of differing steepness and lengths to form the top. To make an enjoyable viewing experience, I had another sprite draw the legs so that they could run simultaneously. There is a rainbow hue across most elements in the pattern, a small one for the bubbles and slowly trailing one for the tentacles of the jellyfish. This was done by layering pens in a similar path and size with different hues. The bubbles were randomized and kept their shape through variables that were in relation to each other to maintain a ratio so they could form a circle regardless of size.

I really like your design, I think it is very creative and effective at achieving what you wanted to create. I particularly like the way you went about making the seaweed, I'm not sure I would've thought to do it that way. As far as criticism, I think it would be great if the code could the photo and recreate the image every time the green flag is clicked. And maybe, when it runs it could change the orientation and colors of the fish so that it's a new scene every time.
Great job!

Your design is very unique and cute! One thing I might have enjoyed is if there was more movement to your code, for example you could make the seaweed move in the water or grow? Other than that, I am very impressed with how you coded the fish. Great job!

I think your design is really cool. I think it was an interesting choice to not use the warp block and let the code run for people to see. I think it would have been cool if you also had the arrows change color horizontally along with the different shades that go vertically.

I really like this project. It kind of reminds me of the umbrellas in traditional Chinese dances. Going along with this, I think it would've been cool to not use the warp function and have your circular shapes rotate on the screen as the turtle is moving to emulate spinning umbrellas.

I really like this project! It kinda reminds me of the board game Blokus, where each player has puzzle pieces of one color and tries to end up with the most tiles in their color once the board is full. I feel something similar could happen with this code – maybe by including a scoreboard of how many lines each color has taken over – although it would probably require some additional rules. Love how it works as an art piece though!

This is a really cool design overall, but I have two thoughts. First, I have trouble tracking what's exactly happening in your code since nothing is labeled so I'd just create new commands that are combined and labeled. Second, since the end goal is art, I think it would be nice to not see the sprite. I find it a bit distracting to have in the end product. Again though, this is a really cool design. Great job!

The shifting colors are visually wonderful to look at! The thin lines make the colors the center of focus while cutting an elegant shape. I bet more geometric variation would look great if you added that.

I noticed you had some unused code lying around. Maybe you will find it organized if you stored them in code blocks if you believe they're useful later to save effort or preserve them?

I really like how you decided to go with 2 sprites to make sure the picture is symmetric in motion. I also really find it interesting how each play offers a different pattern! One thing that I think would be cool to add is different options with not only patterns, but color, sprite number, pen thickness, and more. This would provide more variety, but also wouldn't be too difficult to add into your code. It would be cool to get different colors, different numbers of sprites, and/or different pen thickness incorporated in some options with each run of the code!

I really like your design! It is super cute and you picked very bright colors, making it a really cheery image. I really like how you created the fish and seaweed using curves; I know that I struggled to make my pen curve, so I found it really impressive! I think it could be fun to play around with the warp function a little bit, so that we can see a little bit of how your design is being created -- like warping an individual fish, but not the creation of the fish as a whole so we can see each fish "pop up" as it is being created. I also think it could be fun to randomize the fish a bit more, so that there is a bigger difference between each scene when the code is run. Great job and a very lovely design!