Art & Music: Module 1 (Fall 2023)

As a kid see the DVD logo bouncing around the screen excited me, so I wanted to create art using the same glide motion across the screen. It took me a minute to figure out how to change the color after every glide. Putting "change pen hue" after every glide block worked perfectly. It also looks very nostalgic.

I created an outdoor scenery with a rainbow and a sun...this involved lots of duplication. One thing I didn't know how to do was how to make color a variable so before I used my Make Rainbow Curve function I manually changed the pen color.

I wanted to make a repetitive sort of design, so I made a design that sort of looks like the sun and its rays.

My goal here is to make a design that is different every time, with the use of random functions. My goal is also to make a design that is fun/visually appealing to watch being made. The design process I used has to do with creating different sprites of varying shapes and colors, and using the "pen down" and "stamp" functions to allow each sprite to leave a mark based on its movement.

For my design, I created hills with a sunset in the background as I've always enjoyed landscape paintings and wanted to do something similar yet abstract. I created the background sun "rays", which were varying hues of orange to be behind the actual sun. Then I created a hill with curve for the back in a darker shade, along with a more messy foreground in a lighter shade to show the contrast in depth. Finally, I added just five flowers in the front using spirals to simulate mini flowers in the front. It's a simple design but I think when the background has a lot more motion, it makes the image stand out.

Link: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

This design was really cute! One of the things I struggled with in my project since I also used a sun was trying to figure out how to create lines as rays, so I took an abstract approach and made concentric circles, but it's cool to see how you were able to achieve that. I also really liked the hills covering the ends of it to make it seem like one seamless image. I think it would've been cool to add white spirals below the rainbow as clouds by adjusting the thickness of the pen to make it one shape, but other than that I was really impressed!

I really loved how you created the sun and added dimension to it with the gradient of colors. The flowers are also a really nice touch and the way they were created is really cool. Your code is very concise and you made everything into programs which is great. The only critique I have is that maybe the hills couldve been made a little smoother. Other than that, awesome work!

This design was very cool to see and I love the fact that you were able to use three simple shapes to make a larger piece of art. In the future, it might be cool if you explored different sizes of the shapes to see how that would add dimension to your art. Great work though!

This design is pretty unique, I like the color scheme, I'd recommend hiding the sprite at the end too!

i know i ain't with y'all, but out of curiosity, do you guys do this for elementary too?

I loved your design! It was really unique, and I agree with your description of it being nostalgic. The colors and shapes of the background were a great design choice. I noticed that your sprite positions were still on the screen. I think we went over it in class so you probably already know, but you can uncheck the positions in the motion section which would let the design be the full focus!

There's no reason it couldn't be done at the elementary level. So far we've elements of this from middle school to university level, but each version of it obviously incorporates very different scaffolding and goes into different degrees of depth regarding computer science principles.

The music portion of this course requires Snap, but I believe the art portion could be very easily adapted to work with Scratch if you wanted to work with younger students.

ah, that makes sense