Art & Music (Fall 2021) - Module 4

The fourth module in this fall's Art & Music series is: "Simulating an Impressionist Painting." Here is a link to the module:

Here is the link to my Week 5 project. I choose to use a picture from my vacation to create an impressionist painting. I thought the scenery and the bright color from the flamingos reflected what is commonly seen in an impressionist's artwork. I had to play around with the dot size used in order to make the picture show the most detail.

Here is my week 4 project, I was inspired by a recent TikTok trend "berries and cream" where people remix the sound with other TikTok sounds. So I took a creative commons photo (linked below) and created an impressionistic version of it, and then
created some color shifting such that the colors are all shifted up or down. Which yielded different "genres" of berries and creamberrys and cream1
. [Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks](https://Here is the code), and if you explore the different saved costumes I have you can see the different impressionistic images I made. Such as starry night with different color shifts:

"Berries and cream - front" by katchakitcha is licensed with CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

Here is my simulation of an impressionist painting. I chose a picture from a vacation in California because I thought the reflection in the water would have a cool effect with the painting type. I did this effect by going to random positions in the screen and placing a dot the same color at the picture at that part.

I really liked how it turned out looking because it looks great. The detail in the water made it look that much cooler. Great art piece!

Week 5 assignment
The impressionist pointillist paintings that I did was a picture of my friends and I that we took after studying for hours. I chose this picture because I thought it expressed me and I ended up liking how it turned out. At first, I used a random image I found on the internet, but what could be better than an image that you took yourself. I personally preferred the bigger pen size just so the faces wouldn't be clear, but you could still get an idea of what was going on.

Here is the link to my Week 5 project. I captured the impressionist pointillist style by experimenting with different amounts and sizes of dots. I found that a smaller dot size captured more details of the original image, but the image still didn't feel complete, so I changed how the original hues were captured. After some testing, the dots match the hue of the original image at the original spot but the brightness and saturation are randomly increased. This makes the resulting image appear brighter and more colorful.

Looks great! I like your usage of randomly sized dots, it emulates the pointillist style very well. Your choice of picture is also very nice, the pink and green complement each other well.

Here is the link to my pointillism project for Week 5. My goals were to enhance a painting I've previously made through code, as it makes it a lot easier and faster for me to test out different designs such as pointillism. My design process involved creating a block that would reflect colors, which was challenging, and then another block of code which scatters random lines over the painting. I wanted the work to have more movement so I made the dots resemble small lines by moving a few steps. I also added variability in the pen size to create more interest.

Your project turned out great! Your use of really small dots preserved all of the details in the original image while also incorporating a pointillism design.

Here is a link to my Week 5 assignment. I chose to use a picture that I took at the Boars Head Resort here in Charlottesville because it feels very homey to me. I first experimented with using dots to make my impressionist style art, but then settled on small dashes instead of just dots as I feel it made a very pretty nature scene. I also played around with the dash size and quantity to fully capture the impressionist style.

I love the way this impressionist style art turned out! The picture you used to make the piece seems very fitting for this style of art, and I love the way you used smaller sized dots to give the piece more detail while still having the impressionist style. Awesome job!

Here is my week 5 assignment. The picture I chose was from one of the lawn gardens at UVA. Sometimes, I like to work in these gardens because of the really peaceful environment and I wanted to capture that peace with my impressionist painting. When creating my painting, some of the colors for the ground and the sky got altered creating the feeling that it's nighttime in the garden. I liked this look because it captures the peacefulness of the garden while also conveying this sense of tranquility with nighttime.

Really cool image! I really like how the use of the small dashes in the way that they were able to maintain the look of the original image while also adding this sort of "blur" effect to convey the impressionist art style.

I think the image you choose was a good choice to use for an impressionist artwork. The choice to have the saturation and brightness random, within a range, was unique, but I think it too your artwork to the next level.

This is amazing. I am a little lad and I love this berries and cream project.

I love the larger brush size, pixelated but not really pixelated photo! It kind of reminds me of the illustrations in the children book "Snowy Day" by Ezra Keats. Its got real textured impressionistic feel. If that makes sense.

Here is my project for Mod 5. This is an image of my roommate and I in a field during rotunda sings this year. I chose this photo because it is a nice photo and I wanted to see how well the program handles images of people. I realized, after running the program several times, that I had been running it with the saturation being wrong, so we always came out as pink and gray. It is fixed now! I also made this project with an image of the rotunda, and with the dot size low, I was able to get a beautiful sunset gradient.

Here is my Week 5 Assignment. The impressionist pointillist painting I chose was one of New York City, because I love the skyscrapers and the city lights. I like the way the colors look in the pointillist style, and it is definitely something I would frame and hang on a wall. I had to experiment with different pen sizes, and the number of times to repeat the dots, but once I figured out how to do so, I was able to get my finished product.

I think your project turned out great! I think it's really cool that you used a personal photo but were still able to use the pointillist style. I think this makes your assignment very unique, and shows that you were able to have some fun with it.