Art & Music: Combining Art with Music (Spring 2024)

This module provides an opportunity to combine animated art with music:

For this assignment, I chose to do the intro to the song Seven Nation Army as I saw electric guitar and Electric Base Guitar were options and that was the first fretting I learned when I started playing guitar years ago. The visual is inspired slightly by the game Guitar Hero where the colored circles fade away as the note is played.

Original: For this assignment I based the song choice off from one of my favorite childhood movies Up! I always loved this one melody that they play and thought it would be cool to turn it into a combination of visuals along with it so as of right now I have it set where the house from the movie floats away as each note is played but I intend on adding more characters and taking the piece further than just the house floating away.

New: When updating my piece I kept the music the same but added more animated elements. Rather than just having the house floating away, I added a ghost effect to it as well. I also added characters Russell and Carl along with a background that appears as each note is struck. Russell and Carl also move across the screen towards the house once a certain note is hit.

I am working on a small popular part of Beethoven's fifth. I really like it because it is so dramatic. The next part I will attempt is creating a piano and making the keys I play light up as the note plays. I will try using the stamping feature from the rothko project.

New Version:
I created the intro to Bethoveen's fifth symphony. I also employed Darren's Rothko stamping method to bring together the project. In making the music I employed a few chords and a change of bpm to get closer to an accurate version of the song.

Snap! 6 combining art and music (


I originally tried to do the intro to White Surf Style 5 by the Japanese band Supercar, but I struggled greatly with figuring out what notes they used, so I played around with making my own motif. It ended up being light-hearted, which I like, so I decided light and playful visuals would match it well. The first thing that came to mind is flowers that would grow with the music, so that's what I did. But I found that I wanted to make use of chords as well, so I decided to use them for the stage background since they felt more "grand." The cat's name is Aba.


I originally tried to do the intro to White Surf Style 5 by the Japanese band Supercar, but I struggled greatly with figuring out what notes they used, so I played around with making my own motif. It ended up being light-hearted, which I like, and I intend to figure out other light and playful motifs and visuals to match it.
For this assignment, I used the piano piece Summer. I just finished the music part and am going to add the animation along with it later this week.

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

For this assignment, I chose some part of a song called "Run Away". I chose the saxophone because it's in the original song and has a beautiful sound. On my notes, I wrote that I couldn't figure out how to put a rest between my notes, and when I go to my link, the sound doesn't come out until I minimize the tab.

Updated: I added a stage to make it look like a concert. I removed the background from the original picture and put the turtle in the middle of the stage. I used the broadcast and receive function so the turtle looks like it switches sides. Lastly, I added white dots on and off to show the phone camera flashes from the crowd.

For my project, I wanted to animate a drum set so that when each part of the drum set is played, the top of that drum moves and changes color. I did this by creating two sprites for each drum within the set. One sprite is the whole drum and the other sprite is the face of the drum. This allowed me to move and change the color of the face of the drum to make it look like it was being played when that note was hit. For next class, I want to create more animations to work with the sounds. I also plan to improve on the motif that is playing and make it sound better with the drums.

I love what you did with the colored circles fading away! I think it could look cool if you add some different colors to the circles.

I created an original motif (My Motif) for this project using a list and made blocks to handle setting up the art, stage, and musical elements for this project. There is also a block to Play My Motif, which cycles through the notes of My Motif, playing each one. At the moment, my project plays My Motif as the Stage darkens. I put in costumes to make my turtle look like a Snowdrop flower, and every few notes at the beginning of the motif, the snowdrop's leaves curl up a bit more.
There are also some extraneous motifs that I put together: Zelda's Lullaby and the Lost Woods song, both of which are from The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. I used these to get more familiar with the Music blocks and also as inspiration. My Motif, like the Zelda motifs, features a repeated 3 notes at the very beginning, which then leads into the rest of it. Unlike the calm Zelda's Lullaby or the energetic Lost Woods, however, I wanted My Motif to sound somber, like something that pseudo-medieval Europeans would have listened to (if they had Snap!) as the winter nights grew closer. I also think that I am going to break down the Snowdrop into more abstract forms rather than an explicit flower.

Inverse Kinematics
I wanted to make music that reacted to a user input. It proved too much, so I'm going to remake my project on Wednesday starting first with the music and making an animation to illustrate it.

Edit: I ended up not having enough time to pursue what I was looking to do this week and instead had to fall back to a standard project. Here's a beginner's piano piece with animated keys:
Music Animation 02/24/2024

I decided to use the motif of the circus theme because I can see a vision on how to combine it with art with a lot of vibrant shapes and colors. I was able to do this by downloading a MIDI file, stripping down the melody, and shortening it. I was able to import the MIDI data into a variable and played all of the notes and beats from the MIDI. I did not get time to animate this with art and will do so before Monday.

Revision: I animated this with art by having a target board in the center of the stage and having polka dots randomly appear on beat with the motif. This was done by waiting until a note played, then drawing the dot at a random position for the amount of time the note was played. The dot is left there to represent throwing a dart at the target. The color of the dot is also random to show several colors that you would see in a circus.

For this project I decided to experiment around with a piece from Mozart's Sonata No. 11. I had trouble with getting higher the octave notes and putting rests in the list, so it's currently not in a custom block. I ended up setting that aside and went towards McDonald's "ba da ba ba ba." I changed the background to red and added the logo, Big Mac, fries, and Ronald McDonald himself. (Maybe get the food to glide onto a tray.) I plan to give Sonata No. 11 another try this weekend.
I created the piece "Wedding March" using Tunescope, a recent piece I learned on the piano. While short and sweet, the composition captured the essence of the iconic wedding march tone. I plan to refine the code and animation in the coming week since creating the music took me a while this week.

Update: I followed the code in the demonstration video, to compact the music code using the item and motif blocks. I also incorporated the impressionist painting from last time to paint a wedding picture for the project. I also incorporated a bouquet of wedding flowers sliding around the screen to create an animation effect.

For now, I have just implemented the music part, and plan to add a visual aspect later for monday! I tried to play around with a melody and chords, and hope to layer them more later.

I love how you combine the music and the image! For the code, I think it would be cool to use a list for storing nodes.

Snap! WEEK 6! (

It was my best friend's birthday so I made this song especially for him.

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks For this project, I've crafted a scene where an astronaut and a UFO dancing under the dark night sky. I chose to compose a "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" because I believe the beauty of lyrics and comforting and well-loved tune will capture audience's attention. This piece of music can also immerse the audience in the tranquility of the night.

I love the contrast of color you used in the animation and the piece of music you choose. I will suggest that you can make your code more concise by building a list of all notes you want to play. Then you can create a block that allow you loop through every notes in the list in order to play the music.

After thinking about my project, I decided to instead use the Zelda's Lullaby motif I had made. I then added more parts (the Accompaniment and a Flourish). The main melody and accompaniment both use the piano, and the flourish is played with a harp. For the animation, I drew a sleepy person with a relaxed moon, a Zelda fairy, and "Zzz". These move according to the notes in the main melody, the accompaniment, and/or the flourish, depending on which sprite it is. The stage also darkens using the ghost effect at the beginning and is a solid black by the end. By using broadcast blocks, the song replays forever without starting the entire program over from the beginning.