Art & Music: Capstone (Fall 2023)

Your capstone project should incorporate the methods of coding art, music, and animations that you have learned. The project is not constrained in terms of topic or application. However, it must incorporate both animation and sound. Include a link to the initial implementation of the concept.

For my capstone project, I would like to create an animation for a song. I haven't quite figured out if I would like to recreate the melody (like I did in the project attached), or if I will manually check the timing and create an animation for the imported song, but I will play around with tunescope and find out!

For my capstone project, I will be finishing and refining the videogame I started in the last couple of Modules. I will add more animations to each sprite (to animate characters walking/fighting/dying) and will add more sounds. I am thinking of maybe creating multiple levels as well. Here is the game so far:

I would like to create a game for my capstone project! A top-down RPG with basic field combat mechanics would be great. Perhaps turn based?

I'd like to implement walking animations, combat, enemies, collectibles, and an interactive stage of sorts.

For my capstone project, I was thinking of making a coloring book type thing where there are different patterns with colors that the user can choose from. I haven't had the chance to work on the project though and am still thinking on how to incorporate sound.

**It's the same link. I made a menu home page with different patterns that navigates you to the coloring page. Different colors are displayed to choose from and you just click down and drag to use the pen. Also, I decided not to incorporate sound because I think it's kinda annoying to hear a pencil sound every time you put your pen down.

I'm still trying to decide exactly what I want to do, but I'm either going to continue my game or create something new. If I continue my game, I want to compose my own melody (a spiderman related song) that plays in a loop when you start the game. I also could add sound effects and incorporate more animations. Making the game smoother would also be in the cards.

For my final project, I am going to expand upon my current game and make it a more complete and playable game. I plan to add at least one extra level that increases in difficulty, which is unlockable by scoring a certain amount of points on the first level. I also want to work on adding some different animations or music to the game to make it seem more complete.

For my capstone project, I would like to make a part 2 to my game and make a driving simulation game.
I haven't started on the block coding yet, but I plan to add sound effects, and different animations.

For my final project, I expanded upon my initial game concept to make it more complex and complete. I added a second round in addition to my first round, in which the background changes to a new stage, and the gameplay gets harder with additional bonus point and detrimental objects. I also added music in the background.
For my final project, I created another game that matched the theme of my first game. I added sound effects and the advancement of levels as well as more movement using all four arrows.

I really like your project! I like how seamlessly the sprite moves around and the transitions between each level. I also really like how you incorporated both the timer, points, and a high score element that makes it more engaging and competitive to play.

For my final project, I wanted to continue working on my original game. I added an original composition when the game ends using tunescope and background music while the game is in play.

I think your game is really fun. Even though the controls might not be intuitive, I think it makes the game more fun because it makes you think more when you play it. I might make the car move faster, but overall it is a really fun game to play!

For my final project, I finished my animation on the song snippet I've been working with from "Congratulations" by Mac Miller. I imported the actual song snippet instead of recreating it, like I did previously.

I love the background music you added! It feels very jaunty and whimsical, and complements your game very well!

I love your project! I think that all of the designs for the sprites are so good, especially along with the color scheme. It's really fun to watch and love the song choice!

For my Captstone project, I expanded on my game that I've been working on for a while now. Since my last update, I added new art and animations to the game.

I really like this game! The controls are super fun -- I feel like I'm actually trying to parallel park. The sound effects are nice, as well as the animation for the girl. It was actually a lot harder than I expected, I couldn't even get passed the second level.

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks , wanted to create more special effects besides hooks. Like power-ups and niche things to make the game more interactive than just dodging hooks.

This is an awesome game, maybe add in things that help the character fight against more monsters as well?