Around 30 Custom blocks

How did you get to that menu?

Right click the color selector in the make a category dialog.


yo what u working on

Technically, you can, if you edit the XML straight, that is.

Yeah, but that's not officially supported.

Hue is a function of red, green, and blue. Once you know RGB you know the hue (and the saturation and the brightness or lightness depending on whether you're in HSV or HSL color space). See Appendix A of the Reference Manual.

If you want some guidance, read

but only up to the point that says "stop reading here if you want to write these yourself."

And I just want to reiterate a point I made there, if there's no such thing as numeral system conversions, then there's no such thing as numerals.

From what I remember, hue was a 4th hexadecimal value, but maybe how Snap! does it is different than how others do it.

In theory can you map an image to a plane using something like this

Uhhh, no, see my posts in that thread.

Are you SURE? Like, 100% SURE?

Cyan: #00ffff
00 * ff * ff = 00

...Not what I meant.

By multiply, I ment:

#005555$$*2\to$$ #00aaaa

I thought that you were meaning the color blending multiply, the one that goes:


But ff * ff is not ff, that would go against multiplication!

Well, in this context,
00 = 0 and ff = 1 and 80 would be roughly 0.5, so 1 * 1 = 1.
The hex colors determine how enabled a color is.

OHHHH, that makes sense! Also, hex 80 is exactly 0.5, I looked it up.

Oh. No. Sorry about the confusion.