Around 30 Custom blocks

It's called "So darn surprised".

The emojis were excessive

Why are you specifying an alpha value? You can't aet the alpha of a category color, only it's rgb, so you don't need a 4th value.

I just used the amount that fit my amount of surprise.

I thought of it as "red, blue, green, hue", which is why I suggested

Alpha is the transparency

Huh. I was thinking of hue.

Just curious, but why did you think it was hue? RGB already tells you the colour.

White to black is what I thought of with hue.

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You mean Brightness? RGB also encodes that. You just multiply all the values.

What, so it goes from 0 to 255^3?

No. #000000 (0,0,0) is Black, and #ffffff (225,255,255) is white.

...for brightness, you said to multiply the values.

The only reason why I would assume it's rgb, is because that's the only color format you can manually set a category color to.

it is rgb whats the question

No, rgbh (red, green, blue, hue (which apparently is brightness)).

No, it's RGBA, and Snp! doesn't use it for categories. It uses RGB, like @ego-lay_atman-bay said. (I think. It may use RGBA, but I don't know.)

Not talking about alpha.

It's just rgb