Around 30 Custom blocks

i got 404 error

try now

can you make it a darker yellow please

im colorblind. cant really do colors so well


Great collection of blocks! Hideous color. And hard to read the text against that background.

You should generalize the binary ones to

%numeral (base %base) to number
%number to numeral (base %base)

You can have the base input default to 2 if you want. :~)

%numeral is of course of type Text, not Number.

whatever also i cant see colors. i dont really know what you mean generalize binary

also im constantly adding more


My Blocks script pic (1)

Damn, I'm sorry, I totally forgot that! My bad. :~(

Could I suggest 255,220,0,255? You want a zero because when all of RGB are nonzero you're just adding white to a hue, which makes it lighter, which makes the white text hard to read. And I think any kind of yellow is too bright, so I made it a little closer to orange.

Okay, so, binary is a positional numeral system, in which each digit position represents a power of the base. In binary, that means powers of 2. Decimal is also a positional system, in which the base is 10. But you can have base 7 (digits 0-6), base 16 (digits 0-9a-f), or anything!

So you should be able to convert between numbers and numerals in any base!

ok working on both

How about 255, 255, 0, 50?

I personally use base 6 (I write it as 10) on things that others don't see.

Like what?

you can in theory make it adaptable

i need to look into it


oh, sorry

It's honestly not that big a deal bro