All Known Hosted Versions of Snap!

(copy of Various versions of Snap! moved to my new account)

BYOB & Scratch <=1.4
BYOB 3.1.1 download
4.0 beta
Down alpha beetleblocks
Down stable ~harveyb
Down 4.1 dev ~harveyb
Down ~harveyb stable main old_site stable c.s.b.e old_site main old_site c.s.b.e old_site stable ~bh
5 beta dev main old_site
5 beta dev c.s.b.e old_site
5.0.3 main ~bh
5.0.3 dev ~bh
Down 5.3.2 beetleblocks
6.9.2 BJC
6.9.2 v6 main
6.9.2 v6 c.s.b.e
6.9.2 v6 http
6.9.2 v6 snap-cloud CS10
6.9.2 v6.9 main
6.9.2 v6.9 c.s.b.e
6.9.2 v6.9 http
6.9.2 v6.9 snap-cloud CS10
7.1.3 turtlestitch main
7.1.3 turtlestitch beta
7.1.3 turtlestitch github
7.2.2 kente computing
7.3.1 v7 main
7.3.1 v7 c.s.b.e
7.3.1 v7 http
7.3.1 v7 snap-cloud CS10
8.2.3 v8 main
8.2.3 v8 c.s.b.e
8.2.3 v8 http
8.2.3 v8 snap-cloud CS10
9.2.9 CS10
latest previous main
latest previous c.s.b.e
latest previous http
latest previous snap-cloud CS10
latest release main
latest release c.s.b.e
latest release http
latest release snap-cloud CS10
latest dev main
latest dev c.s.b.e
latest dev http
latest dev snap-cloud CS10
latest dev
latest dev michael-dev
latest dev michael-dev c.s.b.e

If you know a version usable online that isn't in here, please comment it so I can add it to this list.

Special cases:
Snap! Legacy
the Wayback Machine has archives of at least a few of the above links; unfortunately it seems to enforce something (strict mode?) on the javascript, causing errors about redeclaration of classes

I think the BJC site has a few old versions, but probably duplicates of these ones.

The "~bh" ones are where the home page lived (yeah, really served from my directory) until Michael and Bernat made the new server for the site and the cloud back end.

As long as the URLs are different, I'll add them.


Updated this to 8.1dev.

@bh do you know how I might find the old BJC ones, if they exist?

Any version of Snap! that was in the BJC site was an exact mirror of a version on the Snap! site. I don't think you have to worry about them. Same for the ~harveyb ones.

Umm, well, I'm not sure where you'd find old BJC ones, the whole idea was that there would be a single URL that would mirror the latest version. And we wouldn't back up the mirror because we do the backing up on the Snap! site!

I've wondered if versions other than previous (/versions/previous), dev (/versions/dev), micheal-dev (/versions/micheal-dev), and now also v7 (/versions/v7) are available.

All released versions can be found in the repo, at Releases · jmoenig/Snap · GitHub.

Yeah, but which of those is currently being hosted on s.b.e other than the ones I mentioned?

(a) I don't know, and (b) that would be subject to change anyway. There will always be the current version, and some recent older version that we consider stable, and there will usually be a dev version.

Barring something unusual, there's always going to be a dev version. It's just that on the release of a stable version, the dev version is a duplicate.

That doesn't really matter for this topic.

Do you know who would?

Bernat, probably. But if you ask him, I'll get a lecture from Jens about the cannibalism of the young.

And what would happen if you asked Jens about it first?

He'd say "Leave Bernat alone."


For the record, I have no idea where any of the BJC mirrors are. I've never been in charge of that :slight_smile:

but you know what's in s.b.e/versions.

Ah, yes. That I do.

It always has links to:

  • dev - current master branch in GH when Jens updates it
  • previous - previous release in its latest update, right before deploying a newer release

There are also links to v6.9 and v7, because v6.9 is when we decided we'd keep copies around.


Wait, your Dark Design for Flat Design works on all versions that include Flat Design? Cool!