Snap! Legacy

The latest version of Snap! is 9.1.1.

Sadly, its minimum browser version requirement is too high. You might think, "Just update your browser, and the issue will be solved," but the problem is that updating your browser is not possible on some older PCs, devices, and consoles.

The minimum browser versions for Snap! are browsers from 2020:

  • Chrome 80
  • Firefox 74
  • Opera 67

Even Scratch has better browser support, those are from 2016:

  • Chrome 54
  • Firefox 51
  • Opera 41

It sucks. I mean, when Snap! 4.0 released in 2015, the lowest Windows version to access it was Windows 2000 with Opera 12. So there is no way we can go even lower than tha-

Snap! Legacy

Windows 10-11 (Chrome 119):

Windows 7-8.1 (Firefox 115):

Windows XP-Vista (Firefox 52 ESR):

Windows 2000 (Opera 12):

Windows 95, 98, Me (Opera 10.50):

Other examples

Safari 4.0:

Firefox 4.0:

Me and my GF liava made Snap! Legacy

You can check out source code (please give stars if you can :sneezing_face:)

The first version of Snap! 4.0 supported older browser versions such as Opera 12 and Firefox 4.0. Well, Snap! 9.1.1 now does too! :yum:

In fact, Snap! 9.1.1 now can support even older browsers than Snap! 4.0, like Opera 10.50, which runs on the oldest versions of Windows.

Or even an older browser, Safari 4.0. This means you can now run Snap! on your oldest iPhones and iPads.

Now, you can run Snap! on old consoles like PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox OG, Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita, Wii, Wii U, and so on.

Any console with a DOSBOX port (and there are many, like the PSP) that can run Windows 95, can now run Snap!

There were many Scratch projects aimed at porting Scratch to 3DS, Vita, and other consoles. No need for that anymore; they can simply use Snapinator to convert their Scratch projects to Snap! and then run Snap! on those consoles.

Not only Snap! primitives, but also libraries are accessible. The performance of Snap! Legacy should be the same in modern browsers. In older browsers, performance might be worse, but let us know if you encounter any performance issues or bugs.

@bh @jens can you add it as a button near Snapinator and Snapp? :pleading_face:

I'm just not gonna ask what wizardry you used to get Snap! running on Windows 9x

Did you leak your IP?

Well eventually it can be obtained from the domain. So doesn't matter. And I still can change it anyway.

If I may ask, what did you have to do to get these working on older browsers?

Also, please put the source code on github and set up github pages or some other web hosting site (or just buy a domain) instead of giving us a link to an ip address. It's much more secure, and loads much faster around the world.


no, the website is hosted on Amazon AWS.

Refactoring source code, transpiling, modyfing core.js, using excanvas, making polyfills, using GPT-4, and Jens. Turns out he writes code almost like if he is in 2010.

I might work on a Canvas API polyfill library to bring canvas to even older browsers, but not sure if you will enjoy the performance.

We also will refactor Snap! to make it faster, but it is in deep future, because i won’t have time these months.

I modified the post to bring 2 hosted versions, and github link. We will change the ip link later, it is much for a test now.


This is very cool!

I can’t imagine what silly stuff people will be able to get up to being able to run js code inside of a 3ds or something like that

this is sooooo. cool

This deserves to be next to snappinator and snapp
in fact it deserves to be above them

I'll be testing this on my Wii :rofl:

do you think this could work on a Nintendo switch

I wonder if this could also work on that android calculator that could run doom

will appreciate the report of how well it works! :kissing_closed_eyes:

UPD. just checked and looks like Wii has some portable Opera version, and i doubt if it has Canvas API, but lets hope


how could I do that

get the hidden browser, and then just open Snap! Legacy web page