Accessing the SnapCloud In a Snap! project will get you permanently banned

Folks, please do not attempt to access the SnapCloud in your Snap projects. We've taken some measure to prevent that, and some of you seem to regard this as some kind of technical challenge or contest to set up your own proxy server or to otherwise obfuscate your queries. The reason we don't want you to do that is to protect this community so that Snap! is allowed to be used in schools. By keeping us busy with looking after your more or less inventive ways to break our rules you are causing me work and worry, and you are compromising the basis of this community. Therefore let me repeat this once and for all:

Any attempt to access the SnapCloud via a Snap project will get you instantly permanently banned from this community, as will any discussion of this rule.

I can't believe I even have to say this over and over again.

Never knew you could access it

Surely it's not something I could do on accident right, i want to take every precaution possible so that I can avoid this. I dont quite understand what's going on. If you could explain a little deeper

Are my students and I able to just save our Snap! projects to the SnapCloud? I want to make sure we haven't been doing anything wrong. Thanks!

Welcome! No worries. Of course y'all can (and should) save your projects (as many, as you wish to) to the cloud often and all the time!

There is no way in which you or your students "accidentally" can even come close to breaking this rule. The Snap cloud currently has an api which we've made sure a Snap project can't access. This is sparking some creativity by a small group of - hopefully - kids who are hosting their own proxy servers to make Snap projects that can read or write data to their account. This isn't something you accidentally try.

same i never knew you could access it

Snap! has a cloud server? I did not even know. Is this saying all and any projects with cloud are a no no…? Will I have to delete them because it may take me some time to find them.

This is about attempts to access Snap! infrastructure that people have been told not to try and access.

It is not about accessing cloud servers that other people have created.

To be clear, it isn't (with ide being this.parentThatIsA(IDE_Morph)), is it?

it's exactly that. As well as other attempts to either obfuscate a blocked url or to bypass the block through a proxy. Just don't make us spend our time and resources on technical policing and let us add cool features to Snap instead.

No. I asked the same question. We can save our projects there. They just don't want any shenanigans such as people trying to use the server for nefarious purposes. Sounds like some students were using proxy servers to gain access.

What is Snap! Cloud?

Do you mean GETting stuff from like: [scratchblocks](url []::sensing[/scratchblocks]

Also [scratchblocks] is broken: [scratchblocks](url []::sensing[/scratchblocks] displays html code.

Snap cloud also includes this.parentThatIsA(IDE_Morph).cloud in javascript. I wish we had a native block for [scratchblocks]username::sensing reporter[/scratchblocks], but that isn't going to happen and is probably included in the ban.

Scratchblocks is broken because the forum first converts into <a href=""></a> so it will be a link, and then creates the scratchblocks after. If it didn't do that, typing the first would not create a link.

Does Snap! Cloud include all urls with domain


Thats why it exists

It also includes all subdomains, like forum.snap.berkeley.eduand

its the same snap?

You can wrap the scratchblocks in html p tags to make no formatting appear

[scratchblocks] (url [] :: sensing) [/scratchblocks]

It may not be the best way (as it has to be on it's own line), but it works.

You can also find more info here Snap [scratchblocks] Tutorial (Part 1)

I too am changing the background of my pfp to the ukrainian flag

edit: yessir regular trust level