Accessing the SnapCloud In a Snap! project will get you permanently banned

I don't believe this. I barely see any projects that

I think @jens has to delete these kinds of posts and projects asap...

I got a PM about this saying I did this! I don't even understand what a proxy is, and I'm being told I'm using one on Snap!, and I'm not. I'm really confused.

I've noticed a lot of computer programs going wrong lately. I don't know if these security flaws are just more noticeable on sites, or there's a actual increase in problems.

I'm sure this post was created because of me.

I don't understand what's going on and I don't want to be banned :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

A proxy I think is like a relay of sorts, you're able to get past barriers and blocked websites and such to get to a link that is normally inaccessible by using a different IP so that it is no longer blocked. A VPN for example is a proxy.

Okay, maybe that's why I got that message. I saw a new icon on my Chromebook for VPN and I thought it made the site faster or something so I put in the Snap! URL address. Huh.

@mr_owlssssnap2 I think you're talking about getting banned on the forums. I'm talking about getting banned from the entirety of Snap!.

You should be more careful then when using VPNs.

It sounds to me like, in addition to saving projects early and often into the cloud, students (and all users) should backup a little less frequently (once a day? once an hour for critical projects such as AP test programs?) by exporting as XML

And as far as I can understand how Snap! works, 'banned' still allows anybody to go to the snap website without logging in, create or upload projects, run them, export to save locally. So probably no students will be prevented from completing AP projects even if banned. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.

(In my experience) when you get banned you get a white screen with black text saying that "Your IP has been banned from the system"

OK thx for info. Students doing AP tests should not do bad things then!

But even good students should still probably backup with local file export occasionally as well

whats snapcloud

If any of your students get banned, you can download snap to use offline, although they will not get any of their projects saved on the cloud.

OK I just got a notification that my Snap!cloud password was requested to be reset, although I did not request that. Is this a global trigger recommending all Snap! passwords should be reset?

Help were being attacked

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Same, I got it too, which scares me.

on snap?


So I know this is locked but I wanna point this out before I forget

Either this has changed or you have never been ip banned from snap forums, because I now speak from experience.
When you get ip banned from the snap forums, you can still go on topics, but when you try to login you get redirected to a page that says

"Login Error
You cannot login. Contact the site administrator"

or something. I forget the first part, but the second part I know is right.

@joecooldoo you can get banned from the entirety of Snap!?

What were you doing?

probably this