Accessing the SnapCloud In a Snap! project will get you permanently banned

Especially if they're using the school network, as then the whole school will get banned.

Did he install the VPN?

why are you asking me this? idk...

So the default [scratchblocks](url [snap.berkeley.ed\u]::sensing[/scratchblocks] block is illegal!?

Also you can fix scratchblocks by adding backslashes like: [scratchblocks](url [https\:\/\/snap.berkeley.ed\u]::sensing[/scratchblocks]

The SnapCloud is the Snap! website and API. Note that this doesn't mean you cannot save projects, this just means that, for example, you shouldn't attempt accessing the Snap! API using the URL block (it is blocked by it, but people were workarounding it).

This is probably directed towards that spammer.

Its not.

It isn't. The spammer wasn't using a Snap! project to send the emails.

Does it mean I can't put a project on another website? I have no idea what you mean. :thinking:

You can still use the domain

No, it just popped up when I installed "Anydesk" on my Chromebook.

Wait, you could do that? Damn.

Well, it's good you restricted it. We can't have a repeat of what happened last time.

I know that somebody used the [scratchblocks]
(JavaScript function \(\ [] \< > \)\ \{\ [] \}\ :: operators)
[/scratchblocks] block to hack snap,
but what happened to snap when they did it?

I don't know, but it must have been pretty bad.