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Long-dead Snap! Journal has woke again!

After nearly a year of silence, the Snap! Journal comes out with another article.

Competitions and Jams

Recently, 3 competitions were hosted on the Snap! Forums. Starting with the Console Game Jam, hosted by Snap user joecooldoo, you can now enjoy 3 games submitted to the Snap! Console Game Jam that were chosen to be on the console. The game jam has ended, however. The developer promises new games to be added in the near future.

Next on the list is the Snap! ML Contest, hosted by Snap user sirkitten2. Joining for the contest is now closed, however, the Contest hasn't been very productive lately. There's been lots of confusion and chatting with each other. And because no one can join the Contest currently because joining the contest has been closed, we don't expect the confusion to be solved with further assistance by some Late Birds, and so we won't be expecting any entries be submitted sooner.

Lastly, there is the Category Jam, hosted by dodecadev. This Jam, along with the ML Contest, have had some recent controversies because they start at exactly the same time and end exactly at the same time. And some people from the ML Contest have been partaking in the Category Jam, which fuels this controversy. Furthermore, both contests are not very productive.

We don't expect any entries to be submitted on the ML Contest or Category Jam any time soon.

New rule: Projects can't access the Snap! Cloud.

Jens recently made an announcement saying this:

Link: Accessing the SnapCloud In a Snap! project will get you permanently banned

Comic: Online Communities

Online Communities by xkcd under CC-BY-NC 2.5

Ukrainian and Russian Crisis

Currently, Ukraine and Russia have had a bit of a war.
Ukraine is getting assistance from US. Ukraine is using old Russian tanks to fight. They are trying to join NATO. Currently, NATO is reluctant to have Ukraine part of NATO.
The US government is very reluctant to cancel all imports and products from Russia, because almost all their gas and oil comes from Russia.
Meanwhile on Russia's side of things, they see Ukraine joining NATO as a serious security threat and are fighting against it.The Russian soldiers are also proven to be ill equipped and untrained.

Today's block tip

The exponential cloning problem has been a serious problem to newcomers recently.
To avoid this problem, avoid putting clone blocks under any event block except the "green flag" block and the "when clone" block.
If such blocks are needed, make sure to add an "if" statement for detecting parent or temporary.

Snap! Journal, Edition 2
Written by @slate_technologies and a few editors
3/30/2022 - 3/31/2022

Reports also state that the Russian soldiers are low equipped and not trained after equipment from world war 2 was confiscated from captured Russian soldiers.

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