Question regarding the Snap! cloud rule

I didn't know what category to put this in, but...

Will you also get banned for using JavaScript to access the currently logged in user's username?

I'd imagine that is exactly the use case that would lead to a ban

We really need a username block...

Jens has been on vacation but I think will be back Monday, so I'm going to leave this for him. Arguably a username block (or the JS Function equivalent) would be a privacy violation, though.

P.S. I seem to recall Scratch, at one point, having a block that would report a unique user identifier different from the username.

Well only if you don't trust a user to supply a valid ID when asked for

And if users can't be trusted to do that, then do you really want your Snap! project to interact with them?

The bad actors will just login with fake usernames anyway

VERY hard to rely on who is who unless public/private keys/TLS is used and Snap! isn't anywhere close to being able to do that

That's a privacy violation in it's own right :slight_smile:

Well, yeah. If there was a username block, they wouldn't be able to enter someone else's username.

Not quite sure what you're getting at here...

Scratch has a little popup that says "this project uses the username block, if you don't want to be identified then log out." Couldn't Snap! just do something similar?

IMO Jens really doesn't want to be bothered with dealing with such things

I know some Snappers want these sort of facilities because they want to carry on doing the same sort of stuff they did on Scratch

IMO Snap isn't about that :slight_smile:

IMO Its about learning more advanced CS techniques

Relying on usernames for some sort of security/user validity won't work except for trustworthy people

In which case, just get them to set a browser key value and get your project to interrogate that.

The bad actors will just mess with your project regardless of what you try and do

Not really, since everyone online tends to announce when they're going on vacation anyway. Also, I don't think bh would even say that if it were a privacy violation anyway.

I have been known to slip up about such things. We're all human. We just shouldn't build privacy violations into systems.

Having said that, I don't think I slipped up this time, especially since his vacation is over on the next weekday.

P.S. Anyway, I'm pretty sure @cymplecy was joking. :~)

oh, yeah. I've slipped up many times myself, sometimes I can't even delete my post after saying something I regret (which is something I don't like about scratch comments)

Well since ther are getters and setters in Snap!, then I guess you won't get banned.

I would refrain from using those blocks...

:frowning: No username blocks at all anymore.

I clicked the username block in the getters and setters library a few minutes ago and I haven't been banned yet (I think).

Nobody's being banned unless/until Jens clarifies his intent here.

I just clicked the username block, I haven't been ban- * ban! *

Oh wouldn’t the username part n the getters and setters be deleted from the library if it counted