2023 New Years Countdown! (Part 2)

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@348663451y No they say moew.

Send link to project.

It's the old one.



I updated the project.

Ok. It looks better, but the chat is still most-recent-first. Oh and "still" "think" "better" "only" "says" "isn't" "words" "as" aren't in the whitelist.

...all the time. Moew.

Is this collaboration already dying lol..

It's almost 1 week old. It's not dead.

@sir_kitten2 owns this collab by the way.

No, it's just not as active anymore.

Welp. What do we need to do next?


I think it's done.

There is more than needs to be done:

  • Music
  • Accounts
  • Better pen font
  • Better UI

I already put that in the project.

Not because anybody can set their username to whatever they want. Plus it's a pain to make (aka I'm too lazy).

How? With the block I made a long time ago?

I think it looks pretty good already.

I don't hear it.

Okay maybe we can skip that.


Not really.

I meant there is music for when it becomes New Year's Day.


They why don't you make the UI.

Dev Team Roles:

  • UI
  • Mobile Testing
  • Advertising
  • UI
  • Code
  • Code
  • Math
  • UI
  • Code
  • Cloud
  • Music
  • UI
  • Code
  • Cloud


  • Music ~ Before Countdown & After Celebration Music
  • Better Pen Font ~ Use This
  • Better UI

Current project: