2023 New Years Countdown! (Part 1)

sir_kitten2 owns this collab! I don't! I just revived it. So don't think I made this collab because I didn't.

Here's the 2023 New Year's Countdown people have been asking for!

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Please help me with this! I need Cloud Variables for the chat, and I need to redo my math on calculating how many seconds away we are from 2023.

You can suggest more features and functions, for example, you can suggest a poll function or something like that!

Thank you for helping me!

earthrulerr - UI
slate_technologies - UI and Code
joecooldoo - UI and Cloud
WarpedWartWars - Code and Math --- (WarpedWartWars: they aren't always algorithms)

New link! Old one doesn't work: 2023 New Years Countdown

Oh, well, @joecooldoo or @earthrulerr or someone originally wanted a Cloud Chat in the 2022 countdown.

It was a whitelist chat.


Why are seconds until 2023 going up?

OK, can you please help me with the Whitelist chat?

@earthrulerr and many others voted to make a 2023 New Years Countdown that was EXACTLY or going to be like the unfinished (Never will be finished) 2022 New Years Countdown.

I just changed it and I think I've fixed it! If the math doesn't work, I don't know what to do.

Project is un shared.

I can help. With some UI stuff too.

Use the new link.

OK, thank you!

What functions should we add that would make this project...a bit more appealing and less boring?

I'm just going to trust my calendar that 1/1/2023 is a Sunday.

31536000 seconds in a year, 31622400 if it's a leap year.

Does the (current [hour v]) block give 0 or 24 for midnight?

I wana help with ui and cloud chat.

Not really. They just agreed to revive it.

OK, you're in!

I own this collaboration... (I created new years countdown 2022)