Zoom Stage?

TurtleStitch has the capability of zooming in and out on the stage to show more or less detail. Elaine Wolfe, who uses TurtleStitch extensively, says that she finds this feature to be very useful.

Does a means of achieving similar functionality (i.e., magnifying the stage) exist in Snap! ?

No, you cannot zoom the stage, but as zooming in is just a scaling thing, you can code up a camera system, and also add scaling (kind of like a game). I'd like to say it's simple to creat, but it only is simple if you know what you're doing.

You can (in the stage scripting area) say

But that's not what you want, is it? You want everything on the stage zoomed, not just the background. You can get a picture of everything on the stage with the "pic" option in its context menu in the GUI, but I don't know a way to do that programmatically.

You can zoom the Stage by clicking the square icon on a toolbar or dragging the "handle" (two vertical lines, long and short) top-left of the Stage.
You can also set :gear: Stage size ....
Are you looking for something else?

Dev mode block
untitled script pic (54)

@dardoro You're right! The stage can be resized by using the "handle" at the top-left of the stage. I have used this before, but usually because I wanted more room for the script area, not because I wanted to magnify the stage.

So, I put this in the mental category of "enlarging the script area" and not "magnifying the stage" tool, even though it does both. These sorts of blind spots that can occur even after you have used a tool for some time are interesting.

Alan Kay said that a point of view is worth 20 IQ points. Thanks so much for reminding me that the stage resizing handles are a convenient way to magnify it. I'll mention this capability to Elaine Wolfe the next time I talk to her.


You'll still get a much bigger stage if you go into presentation mode (aka, fullscreen image)