Yo chat who wanna collab

any sports collab (must be sports)

I will. How about a tennis game? You will be able to play against a bot or you can play with somebody else on the same computer.


You can make the sprites and send me the project. I'll do the start menu.

Actually, let's try smerge. It is a great way to work on projects together.

the pin is 729898

this is depressing

Well, I guess we will have to make projects instead.

The game needs to be in top-down perspective so it is easier to code. Can you draw it like that please?


I think you have the wrong link. This one just led me to the editor but not your project.

click the other link

Great! I'm going to work on the menu screen and the physics of the ball.

Here's the menu right now, I'm not good at drawing it because there's no text tool but you can send me a project with your version of the start screen and button.


I am still working on the tennis ball's physics. It's a bit harder than I thought but I know how I can do it.

i dont see it

Oops, wrong link. Try this one: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

what about this?
Screenshot 2024-04-30 1.35.02 PM
you don't have to say yes

It looks good except that you mispelled tennis, there's two n's. One simple edit should fix it. You should also work on the shape of the tennis ball's fire a bit more

I'm getting close. The ball now changes size depending on where on the tennis field it is so it doesn't look weird.

Screenshot 2024-05-01 8
fixed it

Can you send me the project with the image so I can use it now?