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how should i make the players move?

A. Mouse pointer
B. Arrows

Mouse pointer will have mobile support, try that one. By the way, I'm not actually done with the ball bouncing off the players' paddles but since I already have the size of the ball figured out this should be too much of a problem.

edit: theres another hard part i know waht to do but it's just tedious with how many blocks you need to place so it'll take a while

i did it

You sent me the wrong link, and the other one is unshared.


Did you forget to save and share it? Because that's my project's link.

By the way, I finished the movement of the ball but the hitbox of the players is pretty small since it only hits the paddle. Here's the script, you can drag it into your project to add it, but dont forget to add the variables to the pallete. I don't know if it automatically adds variables and custom blocks so tell me if it doesn't.

The next thing I will add is a win/loss detector, whoevers side the ball is on when it goes off the screen looses.

it isnt working

If the variables and custom block didn't get imported then I can send the project link instead.

bet. give me an idea

football or bowling?



so fov. this depends a lot on how we do physics