XML Parse/Unparser


(the last example needs js because it contains another block that gets the xml of a script,but thats unrelated to the 2 main blocks)

i made something like this long ago

yeah ik
i just wanted to use my own

i did this using just snap.


your blocks are in a node like format but snap has dictionaries

please, for the life of me, actually contemplate how long you're on this forum.
that reply should've came hours after i posted that, not a minute after.

just a reminder, this is a forum. not an instant messaging service where you expect people to reply instantly.

snap is generally a quiet platform, and i'd like to think the developers would like to keep it that way, for management concerns.

from about utc-0.5 to utc+13.5

i guess we are on simillar time zones(ill check your profile)

Do you know that the snap forums has the ability to send desktop notifications? Also, there is no reason to wait a couple hours before replying to a post.