Yet Another Reverse Codification

And are you trying to diss my project
Instead of talking about what my project cant do talk about what your project can do

nah you project is nice

blockify and stringify code?

Okay, are you going to send that screenshot

Are you trolling me right now?

Okay input lists dont work
Edit: yours doesnt either
Is it even possible to do that
Edit2: i think mine doesnt work with input lists because its not found in the library
Input lists are confusing djdjdhdh

idk?forgot to reload?
yeah it works now

mine sometimes work,other times dont

it is,and the string generated in my library is correct,but then the joining is not(my library doesn't have two copies of the same block,one with no inputs and the other with one input)
in the end the problem is that snap doesnt split out some of the info
also my xml blocks can perfectly reverse codify blocks,but they need a lil bit of js
remotecode script pic (1)

I found why mine wasnt working, the input counter counts 1 input when it should be zero
I changed it manually and it worked
Looks like another day of getting reverse codification working again
This is my third attempt at making reverse codification
I never knew it would be this hard

it would,all because of the split block not splitting thoroughly

My two previous attempts were failures
The first one was horrible at putting things together
The second one couldnt handle blocks inside of blocks
The third one is my best attempt

ok im trying to make a split thoroughly block

Let me know when its done

oh right i recall that i have already made it

the last example is it doing that
anyways this is my 5 min project:

not working properly and i dont know why

@alessandrito123 you can add a split by xml and a xml of in your mod and also make the split block split thoroughly(i.e use a notation simillar to length(x) infrontof x instead of flatten(x) when splitting)

There is an undefined block somewhere

no there isnt
its the problem on the intermediate steps of interconverting between json and xml
anyways ill make a (# of inputs in variadic input) block and make a PR

@18001767679 how do you do github stuff

ok ill do it

gh isnt quite working today
i cant load the page