Wrong sprite running scripts

in my Block Flipper project, if i run this block:
Block Flipper script pic-4
in the "cutscene" sprite, the "setup" sprite runs it instead.
is this a bug with having too many sprites? if so, can someone suggest a workaround?

more info

this script:
Block Flipper script pic-7
produces an error

(assoc 1 (room scripts) gives a normal script with one input in its ring
cutscene? is a global variable

No, it is not a bug, but a misfeature. To do what you would expect it to do, just use the tell block with the sprite selected as myself.

The reason this is happening, is because of the amazing concept of script contexts. When you put a script in a grey ring, it keeps it's context, and when you run it in a different script, it runs it as if it were in the script that it was created in. This is amazing, because it allows you to stick script variables in a grey ring, pass it onto a different script, which is then able to modify that variable, and then the original script gets the variable change.

I admit it, it is confusing, and is not what you would expect, but there are a lot of amazing things you can do with it.

Block Flipper script pic-9
doesn't work. it still runs in the wrong sprite

tell (my [self]) to (assoc [1] (room scripts)) with inputs <false>

Yes, I discovered that for myself. Thanks anyway!

If you call something a "misfeature" it means you think what it does is all wrong, and you want the developers to change it, even though the developers think it's the right thing. So you can't also call it "amazing." :~)

Ah, thanks, I never really knew what misfeature meant.

Oh yeah that. Thanks.