Wordle Hacker

Inspired by @helicoptur's Wordle Solver project.
UI inspired by the BootMii UI.
Thanks to @helicoptur for the word database from Wordle.
You can find the official wordle here: Wordle - The New York Times

You embedded the website. Now not only does the project show, but then entire website too.

I know.

Is that what you wanted to do?

Also how do I use this? It's not really clear.

When I type "HELLO" as "Guess #1:" it just says "Incorrect word length" or something like that.

Read what it says above that.

@bh why isn't this working?

I have no idea. What is its input, and what output are you expecting?

I guessed that one without remembering what you wrote. Four tries.

Rule 1 when discussing Wordle anywhere online is to not publish today's word as you just ruin it for other people :slight_smile:

thats cool, what is the code for like it typing what I'm typing

The input looks somewhat like this:


The slash before a letter means that the following letter is in the word and the correct position in Wordle.
The colon before a letter means that the following letter is not in the Wordle.
The period before a letter means that the following letter is in the Wordle, but not in the correct position.

The [scratchblocks] (sort ()::sensing)[/scratchblocks] block is supposed to generate a list like this:

s green
l green
o green
o grey
p yellow

Green is the / slash mark, yellow is the . period mark, and grey is the : colon mark.

What the [scratchblocks]for each ((item)::list) in (result){
}::list[/scratchblocks] script is doing is removing items that are grey if their letter is already in the list containing a green (/) mark or a yellow (.) mark, but I get an error that (I think) shouldn't happen. The error looks like this:

Inside a custom block
expecting a list but getting a text
The question came up at
(item (2 ▼) of (item))

Second script.

Yeah. Turns out, if you change the length of the input list to foreach inside the script, it fails. @jens, is this a bug, or should we document it as a resriction?

not a bug, mutating a collection you're iterating over is always problematic.

How should I fix this?

Instead of mutating the input list, make a new list.

If you can find a way to do the same thing with KEEP, so much the better.

New update released! Fixed serious bug making the hack unusable.

I don't understand this project. I'm both making the guesses and reporting how correct they are?

You make the first guess on your own, then tell the project what was reported from Wordle. Next, follow the instructions it tells you.

Ah I see. But what's the fun in that?

Edit: I mean, I see why it's fun to write! But I wouldn't actually use it.