With a little help from the community, i made a collection of blocks i've made

That reminds me,when I joined snap, my first thing to do is to read the manual and make a oop library :smiley:

PS:Do you mean that sensing block from bh?

Good job.

Maybe store if the pen was down or up before the block was triggered, and if the pen was already down the block leaves it down when it finishes.

For the text to speech do you know how to get the speech synthesis in an input slot (something I've been trying to do but I don't know how to)

Nice for the
untitled script pic (9)
block, but maybe add root as a function. (Here 3 root 3 means cube root of three).
a root of b = b^1/a

Something you probably should change, is make the midpoint report a list instead of a string. It's much much more useful that way. Something else is, make the x and y inputs in the distance from block, be number inputs. It's more convenient.

untitled script pic (7)

A personal suggestion, based on your own template. A block that can create regular polygons of any amount of sides.

there are 2 different reporters between them, one being dropdown lists, and the other being
using x/y inputs instead

what is bh?

Granted, it now reports a list

added a square root boolean to the block

bh is one of the creators of Snap!

another suggestion:
untitled script pic (8)

speaking of polygons, this is the one i was going to make next

I didnt even know there was a manual when i joined. My first thought when I joined was "Make an OS, NOW!!!"

added, any other suggestions? (i can make it with just a reference block)

I don't think this gives you the desired result.
use this:
or this:

yeah i added a comment saying that it was broken

update: made another project

untitled script pic

fixed it

untitled script pic (1)
added it

Feel free to suggest what blocks i should make next