Wiki status

I guess nobody is maintaining this user-run wiki any more? Should we let it die, or do people want to revive it?

Hello, This email is to inform you that your Miraheze wiki has been closed. Wikis that do not receive any edits or log actions within 60 days are automatically closed to prevent spam, in accordance with the Dormancy Policy(which you agreed to when requesting a wiki). If you would like to reopen your wiki, please visit Special:ManageWiki and uncheck the "Closed" box to reopen it. Please note that if you do not reopen your wiki or if no one requests that your wiki be opened (in accordance to the reopening request section of the Dormancy Policy) within 6 months starting from now, your wiki will be marked as eligible for permanent deletion.

I would love to revive it, but it would also be nice to make it a bit more prominent. Currently there's not really anywhere besides old forum posts where the link is, so I'm not sure many people actually know about it.

I would prefer to revive the website, but I've never been foot around this website before...

let's revive it and i agree with ego-lay_atman-bay

That email was sent in error actually. That said, I personally haven't been making edits regularly and am only informed of edits by others (which I do check) through Discord. So if you need anything, please let me know.

(Oh, and my username on the wiki is "Redmin" now.)

This is the biggest issue, in my opinion. People aren't going to edit something that they don't know about. The analytics data shows there have only been 243 visits in the past 30 days, only 3 of those were from here. Nevertheless, some people (hi and thank you, @ego-lay_atman-bay and anonymous people) do show up and edit it every month so it's not really dead yet.
By the way, I noticed that someone was blocked in error by an automatic filter that was set up to block spambots. I am sorry about that, and have reversed the block and disabled the filter as all it really did was check if the page being created was big since new users usually don't just show up and write big pages but it is now clear that there are exceptions (thank you!).

Whew! Good to know.

I'll take it up with the management. I think when it first started, our gang weren't confident that it would keep going, but clearly it is.

I remember there were concerns about it being user-run and you not having control over it, do they still exist?

ok, let's revive it

This wiki is still missing a lot of pages. Let's make a to-do wiki post where you can add entries to it and check the boxes.

Or we could just make the pages and just add a stub at the top of the page.

The checklist: [Wiki Checklist] (Wiki Checklist)

Yes, we just need to make the pages and we can check the box if we have enough pages.

Anyways, I have made the to-do list already.

The thing is, a wiki doesn't usually have a general todo list, instead the pages are created with the information by any user. Anyone can have a todo list, but I don't think it would be a general todo list for everyone.

I am not a wiki moderator (or at least I don't think I am), and I don't know how to manage a wiki, so I could be very wrong on this.

Oh yeah, there is actually thing that I think would be good. Currently we're using scratchblocks to display blocks. I feel like if we're putting a script on a page, then it would be good to use script pics, as script pics include the script, and can be imported into snap.

Yeah, that too. My offhand response is that I trust the users provided that there's enough security to block spammers, like the first-day restrictions here on the forum. And provided it's moderated for technical correctness, especially with respect to some of the more complicated ideas. (I'm curious, but also afraid, to look up continuations!) (I am not volunteering to moderate. I'm behind enough already.)

A good project for an expert: Write a program to read the text in a scratchblocks and convert to Snap! xml (or, better, to actual Snap! code if you write the program in Snap! itself).

To be honest, I have thought about that. I wasn't suggesting that exactly, more uploading script pics instead of using scratchblocks, but converting scratchblocks to snap code would be a really cool project.

Yeah, it would save time and also achieve

since script pics become scripts when imported into the GUI.

Does catching most of the spam before they can be inserted into pages count as that?
(The link only works for you, GrahamSH and I.)

"Continuation is the remaining computation in a thread (script). " is the only sentence on its page. :sweat_smile:
There have been many edits in the last 24 hours (thanks again!) and I would be happy to make someone a "patroller" so there is someone else besides me going through all the edits, if anyone is interested. Or we could take a different approach and allow everyone to review everyone else's edits but I am a bit sceptical about that.

I think that would be for the other direction, turning scripts into scratchblocks.

Yes, starting now. The reason we also need a program to do it (other than Snap! itself) is to handle the existing pages with existing scratchblocks pictures. It would be good to translate those all at once rather than manually.

Yes, if those are actual spammers. The log doesn't say exactly what was wrong with the edits.

Well, not wrong, except that it sounds as if it's talking about what's left to do right now in a running script, rather than about what would be left to do after a particular procedure finishes. And it doesn't explain that you can capture a continuation and run it later, more than once even.

Yes, but if what you have is scratchblocks, that's just text, not Snap! code that you can codify into another language.