Why my topics will close a month after the last reply?

When i create a discussion topic in Help with Snap! forum, the topic i have created will close a month after the last reply. Why?

To prevent people from necroposting: posting to a long inactive topic.

You posted this post within 7 minutes!!! :smiley:
But how do i make a long inactive project? :roll_eyes:

I don't think you're understanding what that means.
Necroposting is posting to a topic that has been around for months with no replies. You can't really consciously create a "long inactive project," how inactive it is is dependent on how often people reply (or if they do).

Oops! I meant a long inactive topic.

bh explains it well:

I repeat it.
How do i make a long inactive topic?

easy, just post 2+ (long) boring-to-read paragraphs explaining your project, along with a link to the project, and post that.

But, I don't suggest you should make a boring topic that you know nobody would reply to.

wow lol

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