Why doesn't snapp work

i am working on a game called space land and i want to turn it into a real program with snapp but it doesn't work can someone help me figure why snapp isnt working

Snapp! hasn't been updated to work with the latest versions of Snap!, so it will not work anymore.


A volunteer would be welcome...

to what

prolly to update snapp

i would if i knew how to code in whatever coding language snapp is coded in

probably js

Raises Hand That'd be me.

Except, as I've said before, I'm the weird one that refuses to use text languages beyond wanting to implement something like transpiling window on the stage. I've been waiting for SAP Snap! Course 3 for a couple years, because I've been hoping it would go into the weeds about the things that drive languages, I don't think it will, but I want some level of a deep dive.

Because I have a theory I want to test...

I was going to make something that turned your Snap! project into a singular HTML document, but I was too lazy to finish it. HTMLSnap! - Replit

What is Snapp!? I've been living under a rock for quite some time...

Snapp! is/was the tool to turn Snap! projects into executable files (.exe on Windows, for example.)

Oh wait, I think I remember now that you mention it. It didn't work for me though...:pensive:
EDIT: I forgot that existed!

What’s your theory like? (just curious)

I'll try to keep and short and sweet, but essentially, Mark Guzdial's Keynote at the last snap!con was incredible, and mostly accurate, but was missing something. (It's on the snap cloud youtube account) (@ snapcloud ) (No spaces, it tries to tag a user if I do it here)

Maybe it was short and he had to omit the rest of the conversations for clarity, but when he's describing the brief he was given and how he eventually came to "teaspoon" languages, the person telling him to do this said "Mark, Don't scare them off" and instead of stopping and asking "wait... why do you ask me that" he just did it.

What I've been trying to do and getting annoyed that I have to wade through text programming languages, is extend snap! in a way that suits my broken brain, and get to the point where I can make my OWN language with it's own IDE that runs natively in windows and then I can write the software I want to use to do the things I think I can achieve. (Who knows, not even me)

Am I right? Probably not.
Am I going to do it anyway? Also probably not... why? Because I open the snap editor every morning when I turn my computer on and then go do ANYTHING else after about half an hour of "ok, where the **** do I start?

TL;DR? I don't really want Snap! as it's goals and mine absolutely diverge but it's a perfect place to start! If only I could. (Also, that didn't really answer the question did it)

Maybe try this example? I had two images here but deleted the first one because even though the game is old and there is no gore, it is not a kids game and this is VERY MUCH a kids forum. They both contain data from quake. One is just the source code, one was running with snap stuff poorly mspainted over the top. I'll send that if anyone wants it maybe.

Why not write that language of your own in Snap! first (as a prototype implementation, who cares about processing efficiency in this phase?).
Perhaps you would like to share some of the ideas behind your envisioned language? Thus other forum readers / contributors can reflect on these, helping you to improve them …

Not really, but that’s up to you. :slightly_smiling_face:


I mean, that's not really relevant is it? I was pointing people to find it on youtube and that snap! on youtube is snapcloud, because every time I try to google snap! I get results for the car tool company snap-on. I am getting more results for snap these days than before but it's still mostly the other one.

@qw23 Did you look at the image I posted? Maybe I should have put it in the first post, but I didn't, and no I'm not worried about speed or efficiency in the slightest, the first step is getting me to code anything at all. LOL.

but there's a reason I would like a transpiling window on the stage is so I can read text languages without having to read text languages. I would absolutely do it myself, ever since I learned about the idea of meta-circular evaluators via SICP I've wanted to implement one in snap that exposes the javascript so I can watch it run.

Mostly I haven't tried because I get lost in the details, like I don't know how I'd implement C's void in snap and thus I get frustrated and quit, Scheme and snap! are very similar in scope but there's enough little differences that I get to one and throw up hands and go "too hard" not because it is too hard, but because I almost inevitably use the differences interchangeably, when I shouldn't.

I occasionally want to use some Snap! feature in Scheme, but luckily someone has almost always written a library for it. :~)