Who wants to collab for a rocket game?

Ive been working on a rocket game lately, ive also done some good progress on it but I want some ideas for it anyone got some?

Base project:Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

(it doesn't show anything yet because there is just a framework)

@cookieclickerer33 @shadowmeowmeow32 ?

ill help

so you help with the orbital mechanics and optimization?
o no we are reverse time zones :frowning:
earthrulerr can help but only because he stays up late(otherwise he cant due to the same reason)


o thats nice

sorry been busy ill finish helping you

ok where to start

i have no clue

have you learnt the rule of gravity(not the einstein one tho)

yeah im pretty good at phyics , and scinece and all that


yeah i do

oh hooray
do you know how to calculate the 3 elements of an orbit (a,e,omega bc its 2d or it would be 6) given relative position and relative velocity

yeah heres all of them

Semi major axis.
Mean anomaly.
Argument of perigee.

Right ascension of ascending node.
at least six

WOAH DO YOU HAVE A DEGREE IN PHYSICS(normal people don't know these if not specially needed by a project like me)
ps:my list is
sm axis
eccentricity vector(get its magnitude for eccentricity)
argument of periapsis
3d only:
mean anomaly at epoch

do you know how to simulate collisions

sorry im back