Who wants to collab for a horror game? (Part 4)

I’m working on it

Next I’ll add my secret

I beg of you to not look at my project for now, so get some tests in before I start doing it


I already know of 1 bug
If you spam the pc the system buttons slowly displace off the screen
I’m not sure as to why this happens, it also seems to be fps dependent? The lower fps you have the more they get displaced

yes it is the fps

Geometry dash reference???

(Context: in gd when you lock an object to the player’s position, of the object is solid than it slowly displaces, and how much it shifts is dependent on the games fps)

Confirm when you are done looking for bugs

ok also whats does the power generator do?

The search mine script pic 4
literally the most self explanatory script ever lol
This is why I make my code modular

i coudlt'nt find it or the floodlight code which i still cant find

It’s in the flashlight power manager

Fixing door rn


wheres the floodlight bright light code?

I was thinking we could use this for a secret feature
Actually hold on, Imma Change It

ok ill make a random chance for that to happen

In the other sprite next to it


Here's the exported costume

I have to remove the outlines on the door, it’s completely broken

I hate myself
I was modifying the wrong sprite…