Whistle Draw - Paint with Sound in Snap! 5

Computers are tired of being bossed around by ones and zeros. Did you know that you can program by whistling colors?

Here's how:

(in case the embedded video doesn't show up, here's the external link to it: youtu.be/C76X0pf_bOI)

Inspired by "Singing Fingers" from Eric Rosenbaum

Your demos are amazing. We should have links to all the videos on the web site!

Agreed. We should link to your videos from the Materials section.


exactly, but I had a weird problem.

i don't know how to whistle and i can't use my regular voice because the frequency will fluctuate a lot. when i make a low noise it says something like 24 khz but when i make a higher noise it says 440 hz so i can't really do this the way it was shown in the video, is there any other way i can do it?

"You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together and blow." -- Lauren Bacall to Humphrey Bogart in To Have and Have Not.

(But actually I find it easier to pucker my lips and inhale.)

PS Do you have a musical instrument in the house?

same here but it sounds weird lol

oh yeah i do, thanks for... telling me that i have an instrument? or... reminding me?.. i don't know what this can be classified as

Wait I just remembered it didn't work, i think it was picking up higher frequencies than I wanted it to, and I couldn't find seem to find an instrument that was close enough to a pure sine wave (it's an electronic keyboard.) I think if I connect the keyboard to my computer I might be able to use the audio data from the keyboard output so there isn't any noise, then maybe it will work.

You shouldn't have to. MICROPHONE [FREQUENCY] should give you the fundamental (the lowest) frequency, the one that defines the note, regardless of the instrument timbre. (Exception: If the instrument is a cymbal, then you hear some harmonics before you hear the fundamental. But once the attack finishes, you'll hear the fundamental.)

Me too, i can never do it exhaling.

very correct