Microphone block bug

if you make the script

play frequency (microphone [frequency v] :: sensing) hz :: sound

play note (microphone [note v] :: sensing) for (something) beats
the sound is super high (like 1000 hz and midi note 100) unless the sound you are making is very loud. I am trying to make the whistle draw program, and it sounds horrible.

probably because it's picking up background noise and using that frequency
you should probably maybe make it not use frequency when it's too quiet

(also it might be because the microphone is picking up what you have on your speaker then playing that, then the microphone picks up that too and plays that back, then the microphone picks up what the speaker was playing and plays that on the speaker, and so on...)

1000 Hz isn't very high at all, around two octaves above middle C. Was that a typo?

Are you using the microphone built into a laptop? It's possible that what you're hearing is the sound of your disk spinning, or a fan, or some such computer noise.

The first thing I'd do is try FOREVER [SAY (MICROPHONE FREQUENCY)] instead of playing it, so you can get a more precise measure of the frequency. That might tell you something.

@pumpkinhead: Don't you think that if he were getting feedback through his speakers he'd be complaining about how Snap! is deafening him, rather than about getting the wrong number out of that block? :~)

It is still not working.