Whats wrong with my "If_Else" selector?

Sorry for such newbie questions lol.
I want to make a selector, something simple (this is for a tutorial btw). The sprite tells the user to choose a number and each number matches a question. For example, number 1 is "Whats your job", and the answer will be from a random list of jobs. Question 2 will be "Where you live" , etc. So, if the user answers "2", that means he wants to ask the sprite where he lives, and the sprite should give a random answer for places where he might live.

Check the code...A quick note: I know that the "could you repeat" will repeat nothing because thats just for test. Anyway, whatever the input I give (1, 2, 3...) the sprite will jump to the "say «bye»" block in the end. Why?

Even if nest "if" blocks (just "if", not the "if-else") inside one of each other, I will get the same output...why is that and why am I having some hard time getting it to recognize the answer?


That is because inside the if-else statements you used a regular say block instead of the say and wait block. So when it says the appropriate speech bubble immediately after that it will say "bye" and because of this you don't see the first speech bubble.

Did you try using single-stepping to debug this? Doing it would go through your code very slowly one-by-one. To enable it you would press the footsteps button on the topbar. If you used single-stepping on this you would have realized that the if-else isn't broken.

Thats that! So easy :slight_smile:
One needs to get use tom these little things lol.

Thanks a lot!!

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