What was the most earliest…

What was the most earliest version of BYOB and what did it look like? Like I mean the first ever version of ByOB

This has been asked and answered 10s of times.

Search forum for BYOB :slight_smile:


I couldn’t find anythinf

There it is, you can even find a very old Snap! (or BYOB) prototype with no labels on blocks, or even a test version that's nowhere block-based!
Snap versions before 4.0

Do you know javascript?

I know the JavaScript programming language itself, but I barely know how to interact with Snap!/Morphic using JavaScript.


Do you know how to draw on a canvas

I don't know, I never built a major HTML thingy with canvases before.

Wait, you meant HTML5 canvases or Morphic canvas?

HTML5 canvases!