Snap versions before 4.0

Are there versions before 4.0? I already saw beta 4.0, but i wonder if there are even earlier versions of snap (not BYOB)

Snap, as a web app, started with 4.0, it continued from byob 3.1.1.

sometimes i think ur posts are ai generated, why wouldn't u just not answer if you don't know if there is any version before beta (like alpha or pre version)

I mean, of course there's beta versions, but the first full release was 4.0. You might be able to track it down on github by going through really old commits.

I already did. I did browser versions compatibility tests with 4.0, i did with beta 4.0, and i just wonder if there is even earlier version to test.

Yes! Before we used Github I backed up all my code up to several times a day, and I still have all those backups. They're fun to explore, because they're still fully functional - we always made it a habit to have something up and running every day - and they even run much better and faster now that browsers have gotten so much better.

Here are a bunch of screenshots I just took of those really early version a dozen years ago:

Fall / Winter 2010

At first there was only Morphic to work on, and for several months I was figuring out how to do multi-threading, animations, progressive display updates and so on. What was yet to become Snap! looked like this for a looooong time:

Spring / Summer 2011

In the Spring of 2011 Morphic was getting ready to start working on the blocks and on the scripting pane. These were On May 5, 2011 this is what it looked like, the very first screenshot of what we even then already named "Snap":

At the end of May that year I was figuring out how to do C- and E-shaped blocks, reporters and predicates, and I was working on a scrollable palette and on a background texture for the scripting area:

2 months later, end of July 2011 most of the input slots were getting ready. At this time there were only blocks, no evaluator. Notice how we started out with a single palette for everything, and how the hat blocks weren't yet final:

Summer / Fall 2011

A huge step forward was end of September 2011, when Snap! was getting a stage and processes. From then on we could already run things. Note that at this time we still had the "old" the block and the script blocks instead of rings. But we already hat lambda fully working (!) and also messages:

Again 2 months later, end of November 2011, the stage got its current dimensions, we had stage watchers, warp Snap's current logo in the top-left corner, already first-class continuations!

Spring 2012

Aaaand, tadaaa! at the end of February 2012 we had a prototype of a GUI, with multiple sprites, block palette categories, a sprite editor for the sprite names, and a tool bar with a green-flag and stop-button, and a corral:

All of these version still work. I think it would be fun to show them perhaps at the next Snap!Con.


And no zebra coloring!

Our BJC grant (Framing a Rigorous Approach to Beauty and Joy for Outreach to Underrepresented Students in Computing at Scale) included funding for Jens to write Snap! 4.0 in a year. Note that halfway through the year he was still working on Morphic, without any sign of Snap!. I thought this was crazy and he'd never get finished within the year. But he assured me that everything was under control, and indeed it was! Jens is amazing.