Snap versions below 4.0?

So I didn’t wanna necropost so I made this topic I was wondering if Jen’s had put the startings/versions below 4.0 of snap on GitHub or anywhere if you don’t know what I mean goto here Snap versions before 4.0 - #6 by jens

Before 4.0, we had BYOB.
(see to use online)
but for alpha/beta 4.0, im not sure.

He also says wait until the next snap con, which should be soon (Snap!shot 2024)

Ok thanks

youre welcome but this should probably be in help with snap category.


and also solved, i guess.

Here you can find the old installer files

You can access snap 4.0 here. Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

You can download the source code for snap 4.0 here. Release Waltham · jmoenig/Snap · GitHub

And since this is github, you can even see all the commits before snap 4.0 was released. Commits · jmoenig/Snap · GitHub