What should I make?

So here comes october 1st,which is a week-long holiday(and i have 7*16=112 hours of free time,or about one sixth of a semester's nothing-to-do time)
What should i do?
(not including playing games cuz i think that is a bit time wasting)

  1. Complete the lambda calculus exercise(?)(about 2-3 hours,and needs @bh online)(Should we use replit or some other IDE?)(blocked by predecessor 5) ----yeah you did it

  2. Chord analyzer 2 votes(do not know how to do)

  3. Score writer(do not knoiw how to do)

  4. Image transformation matrix(do not know how to do) ----you did something similar to that,and you need pumpkinhead's quad image paster

  5. (follows 1)make a lambda parser(asking for help) ----yeah you helped me do it

Mr Harvey?(another trait of boredom,avoiding abbreviations and writing this long parentheses thing)

Maybe something music-related, like a score writer or a chord analyzer

??(not know what u mean)

Score writer: Create music sheets
Chord analyzer: Analyze a chord (a group of notes playing at the same time) e.g. if it’s a major or a minor chord

Oh, and I was thinking of making a synthesizer, although I don’t think it’d be easy to make that run at a reasonable frame rate without JavaScript.

I scored zero on music class for doing math homework every time and never listening to class so i dont know what is a minor and a major(i know fft tho)
Same resaon i know nothing about that thing with 5 lines and u put notes on it

make a project that can take any 3x3 projective transformation matrix and apply it to a costume in real time (low quality is fine, goal is to make it as fast as possible, fast enough for animation and games)

Convolutions are slow,plus ur not doing a CNN why would you do a convolution?

what does what i said have to do with convolution?

transformation matrix which is for a convolution
its something in vectors and matrices

i'm talking about a transformation matrix, used for transformations. convolutions are done with dft matrices.

That was a mistake imho. Even though I'm not a classical music lover (I think music started in 1963 and ended in 1972), music theory is an interesting formal system. I enjoyed music class. Admittedly I took it voluntarily, not by coercion.) And anyway, you shouldn't be a total math nerd!

Pfui. Lots of people who don't know I exist have done it.

I think music started in 1963 and ended in 1972

why ended there? there's tons of extremely interesting and unique music you can find if you look for it. if anything it has gotten even better recently with cheaper technology, anyone can create, share, and view music without even spending any money, this means there's far more niche music you can find now than ever before.

A score writer would be very complex.
Though a simple one might be useful for beginners, there are many more concepts when it comes to scores.

He might've meant the class of music he took? It would be ridiculous to assume he means music as a whole.

I know, I'm an old curmudgeon. Partly ended there because of the breakup of the Beatles, partly because of the advent of the Sex Pistols. And I'm exaggerating, there was David Bowie until just recently and there's still Randy Newman and Ray Davies, but they all started before 1972; they're like ghosts of the '60s. (The official beginning of the '60s was in December 1962 when the first Beatles record came out. So basically 1963.)

And, yeah, once in a while I find more recent music that I like; my now adult son made me listen to the Gin Blossoms and I like them, for example. But I just can't put the energy and enthusiasm into new music that I could as a teenager. I don't have energy and enthusiasm, period. :~(

Cheaper technology is a two-edged sword. Yeah, anyone can make music, but there are drum machines.

No, that's what I did mean!

Huh?? Music has existed for millennia, we must be having a misunderstanding.

Nope! Started in December 1962. Before that was pre-music.

You're messing with me! Is this a joke I'm missing out on?