What should i add to the first update on Snap News (Based on snap! journal)

Snap! News isnt a forum post, but is a project. what should i add to the first update?
Anything important going on?
Let me know

I just make a post of all of the published snap journal posts, if that helps. I would rename it to something like Snap! Journal (Snap! Client) or something if its going to be based off of snap journal.

the only reason i put that is so people don't assume that i'm ripping off the journal

What you're doing right now is ripping off the journal.

making news about snap isn't really ripping off the journal

Also, I have an Alkaltel GO Flip 2 alongside an iPhone, and I think you should do what the built in new app does. It has a bit of the article, and then a button asking you if you want to keep reading. This button leads you to the article on the article's website.

If its based off of the journal (without saying its based off the journal), its a rip off. Maybe name it Snap! News (Snap! Journal Client), which I think is better than Snap! Journal (Snap! Client)


But I think Snap! News (Snap! Journal Client) is kinda long, so maybe just Snap! News (SJ Client) or something. But its up to you!

made a redirect block, gonna use it to redirect to the journal if the user presses a button

well, the unofficial journal

ok :)

There's a journal?

Let me find the posts...



That's a really harsh thing to say. Also, you guys didn't invent the idea of making a Snap! newspaper.


@here update one of Snap! News is released! there is one article and that article is the changelog, but more will come soon. With the way i made it, i dont really have to use the if <{#}={#}> block
i'm glad that i'm doing this project


I had no idea you could do that on the forums.


Apparently you can stack <b> tags to make text more bold, like this!