What is the TOTM? I'm tired of waiting for the banner

@bh @jens
What is April's TOTM? I'm tired of waiting for the banner, so I'll do it myself

I believe it was going to be "hats." I don't know why we're so behind about this; the month is 2/3 over already!


I mean okay, ill get to work

Uh, what are the banners size? I estimate 250-300x300, but i'm probably wrong
Edit: God damn I was wrong!

Very much agree.

Already on it!

So I have a few pictures of clip-art hats, which one do you think alonzo should wear?

Cowboy hat Clipart. Free Download Transparent .PNG or Vector | Creazilla


Honestly I dont think any of them well go too well

@bh I think I might have to use Scratch's Gobo because Alonzos... hair? is just too big and long for most hats XD

Edit: Nevermind, I found a PNG tophat that hides it almost perfectly :smiley:

Actually I don't think anyone will post on TOTM because of how long we are into the month.

Well, then this can be the TOTM for both April and May, @bh

So uh, can hats be both TOTM for april and may?*

Umm, whatever, maybe. Next staff meeting I'll ask.


Can you add the hat collection ?

Edit: I forgot jens doesnt like to be pinged...

wish me luck

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